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Criminal Minds -- Is It Wrong To Feel Sorry For The Unsub?

Updated on February 16, 2012

Well, I didn't really feel sorry for him, until the very end. I was rooting for him to kill that ungrateful little brat, Hunter.

Anyway, a young couple is on the beach about to have a little loving in the sand and decide to do it under the life guard tower. Cue horror movie music as blood begins to drip on them and they go to investigate. Inside they find three dead bodies. Two are wrapped up. All are male. All have had their genitals chopped off.

The killer is Mike. He targets men who are miserable. He feels he's putting them out of their misery by first shooting him in the head. He chops off their genitals because he's been cuckolded by his ex-wife. Mike's also a bartender and he picks a female victim who reminds him of his cheating ex-wife and makes her death pretty painful. Dude, do that to your ex-wife.

Mike's wife had sex with his BFF Doug. In fact, Doug claims he's still Mike's BFF. Sorry, dude, you unzip your pants and get with you BFF's wife, you're not his BFF anymore. That violates the BFF rule book. Doug asks what he can do to make it up to Mike. Mike replies he should shoot himself in the head. Actually, maybe shooting himself between the legs would have been a better suggestion. Needless to say, Doug was going to do neither.

Turns out Doug didn't just boink Mike's wife, he got her pregnant, and the thing that set Mike off on a killing spree was Mike being told his son, Hunter, wasn't his son. From what I gather Mike was told to get lost in regards to the child he raised.

Anyway, Doug gets what's coming to him and quite a bit more, when he catches Mike at his car wrecking business destroying the car of his latest victim. Doug starts getting in Mike's face and Doug falls off the platform and right in the wrecker machine, whining he's broken his back and can't move. Mike decides not to let a good opportunity go to waste, drops a car on top of good old Dougie and crushes him to death.

His last victim is the ungrateful little brat, Hunter. And this is why i was rooting for Mike to kill the little bastard. Mike raised this punk but the minute said punk learned Mike wasn't his father he wanted nothing to do with it. When he learned about Doug, all he could do was whine about how Mike killed his father. JJ even had to feed lines to this ungrateful punk that he still thought of Mike as his father because he'd raised and loved him all his life. Duh! That's the way the miserable punk should have felt naturally.

Anyway, JJ saves the punk and looks worriedly at him wondering how he'll be. Sorry, no sympathy for me from this punk. Maybe if said punk hadn't blown off the dude who loved and raised him like he was nothing when he learned he wasn't his bio-dad these killings wouldn't have happened. The mother aka Mike's wife was just a big a piece of manure as her precious little son was. And let's not get into the supposed BFF that sees nothing wrong with having sex with his BFF's wife. It's why I ended up feeling sorry for Mike. He was surrounded by a bunch of disloyal crumbs who set him off on his killing spree.

I'm not excusing what Mike did, and my ultimate sympathy goes with the victims and their families. What Mike should have done is just killed the three crumbs and not taken it out on innocent people. Unfortunately a lot of times people don't go after the people that have hurt them and take it out on innocent victims.

Really can't say this was one of my favorite episodes.


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