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Criminal Minds -- Look Into My Eyes

Updated on October 18, 2013

The new boss is no stranger to JJ

I think I get why CBS decided to play the fourth episode third and the third episode fourth. The first three episodes featured sibling drama. They may have thought the episodes were too similar to air back-to-back.

This week's unsub was homicidally jealous of his younger sister. And the things his jealousy drives him to are really horrific. So, it's back to the gross-out cases we all love so much.

The episode begins with this man trying to make his was out of a tunnel infested with rats. He makes it outside just as a white van is driving away and he falls on a garbage man begging him to stop him. The garbage man shoves him away. He apparently didn't hear what the man, Sam said, because while Sam believes he's talking nothing is coming out of his mouth.

The doctor's in the hospital discover a lobotomy had been performed on the man. But that's hardly the worst of it. The unsub also planted a camera in the victim's eye.

Meanwhile JJ is having a clandestine meeting with Mateo Cruz. They're out jogging and he asks her for coffee. Little does she know that before the day is out Mateo will be strolling in to the BAU announcing he's the new bureau chief. A fact she can't tell anyone because the case they worked on in the past is top secret and no one can know about it.

Mateo decides to go with the team to Baltimore as they investigate the case. This doesn't sit well with Morgan who doesn't want a boss breathing down his neck 24/7. Morgan is tasked with the duty of trying to communicate with Sam and find out what he can tell them.

Sam can only communicate by blinking his eyes and tries desperately to tell Derek that he wasn't alone. That his girlfriend Dana is still with the man. Then Derek makes the horrifying discovery that the unsub has been watching everything that's been going on through the camera he's planted in Sam's eyes.

Derek tries to pull a bluff on the unsub by holding up a sign saying we know who you are, but the unsub turns the tables on him my broadcasting it all over the Internet. Then he goes to work on Dana.

He puts something in her mouth to force her mouth to stay open and jabs a camera through her eyes next. Then he stands before her so he appears on camera and everyone can see what he looks like. Basically telling Derek and the BAU, "In your face."

They realize he's doing this for attention and wants everyone to know what he did. They discover his name is Anton Harris and that Sam's girlfriend is his sister Dana. It seems he's always had issues with his sister and felt she was always outshining him. He thinks by performing a lobotomy on her and doing what he's done, he's finally beaten her. He wants his father to know what he did to his favored child.

Anton waits for the BAU to come and find him so he can experience his accolades for his great accomplishment. But his moment in the sun isn't what he envisioned. When his father sees him he looks through him like he doesn't exist. I was actually expecting his father to whip out a gun and shoot him dead. But he gave him the cut direct instead.

Meanwhile Dana and Sam are reunited and Sam speaks the first words aloud he's been able to speak since his ordeal began. He speaks Dana's name and holds her hand.

Meanwhile, Rossi may already be on to JJ and Mateo knowing each other before he showed up in their office. Their standing by the elevator and Rossi notices neither has pushed the elevator button. So just what were the two doing in front of the elevator before he arrived?

What they were doing was Mateo was trying to get JJ to agree to another of their secret mornings together, but she told him thanks but no thanks. She was going home to her family.

The team was hopeful that Sam and Dana might recover from the lobotomies Anton gave them, but there's no telling what after effects they might suffer. Then there's the face they have camera's planted in their eyes that can't be removed. I think if I was Anton's father I would have shot him, myself.

In retrospect I'm not really sure why the BAU was called in on this case. Usually they're called in on serial killers where multiple murders have taken place. When they were called in Sam had shown up alive. True, it wasn't great he'd been given a lobotomy, but it seems like a case the local authorities could handle. I always got the impression the BAU was only called in when there was a serial killer and the local authorities had no clue who it could be. Then the BAU would be called in to profile the criminal and look at the case for something the local authorities might have missed.

Yes, Anton killed someone back in Germany while using him as his first test subject, but that wasn't known until well after the BAU had arrived to investigate. Seriously, why have a local authority if the BAU is going to be called in when a man shows up lobotomized and there's nothing that connects him to a long list of other victims. This was really a case the local authorities could and should have handled on their own.

Certainly some local cop could have gotten Sam to communicate with him the way Morgan did. And certainly a search of the area the man was found in should have been conducted. It was like the local authorities didn't even try to investigate before the BAU was brought in. Was their even any local police at the hospital with Sam when Derek arrived?


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