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Criminal Minds -- Paying It Forward

Updated on November 9, 2012

When people talk about paying it forward, I don’t think they meant the way David Roy Turner was doing it.

When young Toby and his sister were carjacked Toby found out he enjoyed watching his sister raped and bludgeoned. After that, he took to killing puppies. That’s where Turner comes in. He offered to mentor Toby in the art of becoming a serial killer. Seems that Turner, himself, had been mentored in the art, himself.

Amanda Lopez is Toby’s first victim. She’s a hooker he picks up. He punches her and then places a plastic bag over her head and suffocates her. Toby doesn’t get an A for effort on his first kill, since Turner was able to capture the entire kill on video and Toby wasn’t even aware he was being filmed. So, he decides to show how it’s really done.

They pick Vicky Thomas as their next victim. The team is confused that although she was suffocated with a plastic bag over her face she wasn’t beaten. She had bite marks on her and she was hit on the head.

Turns stalks another hooker. This time her name is Shawna. When she climbs in Turner’s car, Toby is hiding in the backseat and he begins to choke her. Turned coaches Toby on how to scare her but not kill her. Shawna is later found with plastic bag over her head. She took a blow to forehead.

Turner’s next lesson is how to buy your murder supplies. He tells Toby he’s proud of him. Says this is Toby’s graduation day. He shows him to pick generic brands of his murder supplies so they won’t be easy to trace.

When Toby is fired by his boss, Holly, at the pet store he works at, he decides to take a step-up from the hookers he’s been targeting. Toby attacks Holly as she’s closing up for the night and locks her in the trunk of his car, to show her to his professor. Only Professor Turner isn’t happy about this. Toby thinks he’s clever for kidnapping Holly, while Turner thinks he’s stupid. He says you never go after someone you know. It’s the easiest way for the people to discover who you are.

Turner brings Toby to a junk yard so they can deal with Holly. Toby doesn’t like Turner telling him what to do. After all, Turner did say he’d graduated. Toby tells Turner he’s knows Turner wants him, then he attacks Turner so he can have fun killing Holly.

Toby tries to kiss Holly but when she repulses him he puts plastic bag over her head. That’s when Turner wakes up and strangles his student. Luckily for Holly, the team has figured out who Turner and Toby are and arrive in the nick of time to stop Turner before he can bludgeon Holly with a hammer. They have to shoot him dead when he was still going to do it, not wanting to go back to prison.

After the case was wrapped up Hotch got a call. A body was found its mouth sewn shut like The Silencer used to do. Then someone was photographing the BAU team as they were playing baseball. I’d completely forgotten about the team being targeted by someone.

I only vaguely remember The Silencer case. If I recall correctly he was born deaf then had an experimental operation that allowed him to hear and all he craved was peace and quiet, again. The team caught him as he was trying to kill an ex-cellmate who had described him such a place only when he arrived at it, the place was being demolished. At the thought of having to return to prison, The Silencer killed himself. It was the first episode this season.

We didn’t see the person taking photos of the team until after The Silencer had killed himself. So is it someone connected to him that’s after the team? Or is it just the watcher’s first step in letting the team know they’re being watched and targeted? After all, what’s the fun of watching someone if they don’t know they’re being watched?


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