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Criminal Minds -- Take A Leg, Give A Leg

Updated on October 25, 2012

The Mad Mortician

The focus was on Reid’s personal life, this episode, and he’s got himself involved in a strange situation. This geneticist helped him with the severe headaches he was having and they’ve been carrying on a pay phone affair for the last six months. Reid has to call a number by pay phone and she’ll call him back. She says she’s being safe and HE doesn’t know about them.

The case this week was a rather gruesome one. Ever since I saw on MASH when Hawkeye dreamed he had no legs or no arms that’s been a big fear to wake-up and find a limb gone. And that’s, unfortunately, the nightmare this week’s victims were living.

A man named Tony is wearing a hospital gown and he’s lying on a stretcher. He wakes up and notices a magic maker has drawn a line across his leg. Suddenly, a man comes towards him in mask and gown and puts a mask over him face to knock him out. When Tony wakes up in a strange motel, he pulls back the covers and discovers his leg has been taken.

Tony wasn’t the first victim. A previous victim had the same thing happen to him, only he ended up dying. And he won’t be his last.

Carl is the next victim. He finds himself handcuffed to a stretcher. Later, he comes hobbling into the Emergency Room. When no one will pay him any attention he screams and reveals that his leg has been removed and Tony’s leg has been sewn in place to replace it.

The team comes up with a lot of theories about the Unsub. He could be part of the body part trade. He could be a doctor conducting experiments. When they notice something put in Carl’s leg to hold his thigh and Tony’s leg together, they learn it’s something a mortician uses when preparing a dead body that’s had its limbs severed to reattach them.

They also discover the Unsub is operating his own blood mobile to attract victims. That way he can get personal information on his victims, so he can find victims compatible to each other.

While they’re figuring out this, the Unsub is using his blood mobile to abduct two female patients. When one of the women wakes up, she finds her leg has been cut-off and another leg has been attached to her. He reveals the other woman died. If that isn’t enough of a nightmare to wake-up to, he also reveals he’s looking for another donor, so he can cut off her other leg.

Reid calls his mystery friend to see if she can help him with the case. She suggests the Unsub could be doing these experiments to try and help someone close to him. She also suggests a way to track him down would to be to search for people who have conditions that can mock the symptoms of a leg amputation.

The Unsub comes to see his wife and she has a missing leg. He’s so pleased with himself, he wants to show her the results of his latest experiment. Needless to say she’s appalled at what he’s been doing under her nose in their garage. Meanwhile Garcia is able to identify the Unsub and his wife; they’re names are Linda and John Nelson. They arrive just as John is threatening to inject his latest victim with something lethal.

Linda begs John not to do it. She tells him she never wanted to be fixed. She gets him to drop the needle and give himself up.

Meanwhile Morgan questions Reid about how he got a major break in the case. Morgan figures out Reid has a new girlfriend, but he plays dumb. Later, Reid suggests he and his mystery woman talks more often, but she’s not sure it’s safe for them to do that. She tells Reid she can’t let HIM hurt Reid. Just what kind of mess has Reid got himself into?

As for the case, I didn’t find it as intense or thrilling as some other cases. Having The Mad Mortician being played by Ray Wise who played Laura Palmer’s father on Twin Peaks also added a bit of the surreal to the episode. In a way, I had a hard time taking him serious in the part. Maybe a different actor in the part would have amped up the horror and terror of the thing.

So far, there just seems to be something off with the show, as none of the episodes this season have really enthralled me. I thought it was getting used to a new team member, but maybe the show has just run its course and it’s starting to show its age.

I actually found myself more interested in Reid's side story than I was the case, this week.


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