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Criminal Minds -- Teacher's Pet

Updated on March 17, 2012

This episode began in a very deceptive way. There's a voice over that sounds like this teenage girl saying how much she loves Tommy Brown and she'll do whatever she has to do to be with him. At the same time you see this girl sneaking out to meet her boyfriend, and you think she's the one whose talking. Then you see her go home and she finds her parents dead.

Okay, at this point, I'm thinking she might have done it because her parents were trying to keep her and her boyfriend apart or maybe even the boyfriend did it. When another couple is killed and the killer is in the shadows I thought it might still be that young girl from the start of the show, but when she steps out of the shadows the young lovesick girl, is really a woman in her forties.

Maggie Holman is our unsub this week and she's quite the twisted sister. She's a former teacher who is a sexual predator. She was serving time in jail for molesting one of her teenage students, Tommy Brown. But he wasn't her first victim. There was an interesting commentary on how different female sexual predators are treated from male sexual predators, especially if said female sexual predator is pretty. Because Miss Maggie got released early.

When they took Maggie down for doing Tommy Brown she was pregnant with his baby. She had the baby while in jail and was forced to give it up. Since she's gotten released she's been trying to track down where the baby she named Johnny [who is actually the name of the other student she had molested before Tommy Brown] is and get him back so she, Tommy and Johnny can be a family. That's why she's going around killing these couples. They were temporary foster parents for the baby.

She tracks down the latest temporary foster mother and passes herself off as a social worker. When she learns the woman is wearing a new dress, she makes her strip it off, as well as her necklace, then kills her. Maggie wants to look nice for Tommy when she goes to him with their baby in her arms. Before the woman dies, she tells Maggie who has Johnny now. It's a lady named Karen, who Maggie shoots before going off to see Tommy with their baby.

Maggie tells Tommy they're going away together. Unfortunately for his neighbor Julie, she comes over to ask Tommy to the dance and when she spots Maggie is about to call the police, so Maggie shoots her. Luckily, the team finds Julie and gets her some medical help.

Maggie, whose real true love [in her sick mind, at least] is Johnny Lewis. She's named her baby after him and she even bought Johnny's old house, where she brings Tommy to start their new life together. The team shows up and tries to tell Tommy he's just a replacement for Johnny but he doesn't want to believe it. He kind of doesn't have a choice when Hotch shoots Maggie [apparently, not fatally.] and she's declaring her eternal love to Tommy only she calls him Johnny. Let's hope some judge who thinks she's got a pretty face or nice legs or a good rack doesn't decide to release her early again.

On the personal front, Kevin, Garcia's boyfriend, wants to ask Garcia to marry him and asks Morgan to give him some tips, but Morgan blows him off. So Kevin decides to wing it on his own. When Garcia figures out what Kevin is planning she's not a happy camper. She thinks marriage will ruin what they have. So she turns Kevin down, and as a result she loses her boyfriend, when Kevin walks away from her.


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