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Criminal Minds -- The Black Widow

Updated on November 1, 2012

I really wanted to smash this woman's face against the nearest tree trunk until I pulverized her face. She was just such a vile disgusting cretin. I'd at least wanted to chain her in one of her stalls and shove all the crap up her nose that she shoved up her victim's noses. I don't know what kind of punishment this horrendous monster will get, but I doubt it'll be enough for the inhumanity she dished out to her victims.

Emma Kerrigan is the unsub's name. She has a small daughter, who she was also physically abusing, but not in the traditional way. She kidnapped four men and had them chained in her stalls, she also was shoving saw dust and all sorts of other horrible things up their noses through a nose feeding tube she had attached to them. She was doing this all because of her sick and demented hypochondriac delusions and her belief it would cure her imaginary maladies.

This psycho even kidnapped a woman who was pregnant and cut her baby out of her stomach. Luckily, both the mother and child survived. She just wanted her placenta, which she tried to force-feed to her daughter. When her daughter spit it out, she imagined the girl had blisters all over her face. She drugged her daughter and while she slept she buried her alive, with just her head sticking up above the ground. Then she dragged her last living victim out to where she'd buried her daughter, and was trying to feed his blood to her knocked out daughter. In short, she treated her kid like a plant and her victim like plant food that would help her grow big and strong. At least the kid was unconscious and didn't realize the horror that was happening to her.

Emma obtained her victims by drugging them at the local Farmer's Market. One of her victim's was a man named Terry Rogers, who had cancer. Since someone sick couldn't cure her of her imagined ills, she killed him and dumped him in the river. The other men, it was suggested, she chopped up and used for compost.

Apparently, she believed consuming her dead husband's ashes had healed her of the real illness she had when he died and somehow Blake figured it out, grabbed a bag of ashes from the fireplace and conned Emma into thinking that they were some of her dead husband's ashes. When she stepped away from her daughter and one remaining live victims to claim her precious ashes, they cuffed the sicko.

I'm guessing the one remaining victim survived. I would have liked to see him reunited with his loved ones. I would have liked to see the three remaining victims not be killed and be found before this sicko was able to kill them.

Well, if this episode proved anything, women can be just as evil or even more evil than men can be. This unsub was sub-human. She had no trace of humanity to treat those men the way she did. In some cases they had wives and children. All she cared about was her own selfish insane needs. She was the epitome of what one would call evil.

The side story was Henry being afraid to go trick or treating because he heard JJ and Will talking about their cases and describing the criminals they hunt down as monsters. Henry eventually agrees to go and dresses up as his favorite crime fight, Reid.


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