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Criminal Minds -- The Crazed Credit Card Call Center Man

Updated on November 28, 2012

Motivational speaker Barry Flynn is giving a live show and little does he know a very dangerous fan named Carl Finster is in the audience watching. Another audience member named Cynthia has a private session with Barry and it paints a target on her back, as Carl follows her home and stabs her at least 30 times with a ceremonial knife. She isn’t Carl’s first victim. Lincoln Bell was his first victim. On both victims’ walls he wrote in red paint, “Hear your evil. See your evil.”

While the message seems to make no sense on the surface, it actually does when you know Carl suffers from a condition called Synesthesia. It causes him to see the words people speak. He hears yours evil and sees your evil. The words he sees appear in different colors. If he sees white it means you’re telling the truth. If he sees orange he knows you’re lying. And if he sees red it means your evil.

Carl has been watching Barry and knows that he’s gay. While Barry sits at a bar, Carl hires a hot guy named Ricky to lure Barry into his trap so he can snatch and grab him. When Barry wakes up he finds himself handcuffed to a bed. Carl says Barry made him do it. Carl tells Barry four months ago he was fired from the credit card call center he worked at. He almost killed himself. Then he found Barry. Carl says he’s Barry’s biggest success story.

Carl show up at the call center he worked at and makes copies on his flash drive of people he talked to. They’re his next targets. By talking on the phone to them and seeing their words he was able to decide who was evil and who wasn’t.

Carl tells Barry when he was 10 he killed evil people with his ceremonial knife. He wants Barry to do this mission with him. When Barry yells for help he knocks him out. Then he heads to Janet Dodd’s house. She was a woman he talked to at the call center. He says she’s evil. He goes into her house and kills her. This time he paints on the wall, “Hear your red. See your red.” By that he means when he talked to her the words he saw were red and that meant she was evil.

Carl tells Barry they’re partners; they’re destined to fight evil together. Then he heads over to the next victim on his hit list. Only when he arrives at the man’s house, someone else is renting the house from him. The man’s name is Stephen Caldwell. When Stephen speaks to him he sees orange and decides to make him his next victim. When Barry tries to stop him and asks for the gun, Carl sees Barry’s words as red which means he’s evil. He attacks Barry with his knife.

Morgan and Rossi arrive and try to get through to Carl so he won’t kill Barry. Carl finally surrenders to them.

Morgan has been invited to the British Embassy to give a speech for a man named Jason Ryder. He tells Garcia years ago he was supposed to talk about his father but he froze at the podium. Said he wasn’t ready to talk about his father and thinks he won’t be able to honor Jason, either. Garcia gives him some of Barry’s motivational tapes and they help him. Morgan appears at the British Embassy talking about his father and he doesn’t freeze.

Little do Garcia and Morgan know but they’re being watched by the unsub stalking the team. He takes Garcia’s wine class, possibly to get a copy of her fingerprints. When he goes back to his lair he looks at a picture of a young man. He then flashes back to cutting off his leg. Once against he’s copycatted another crime the team recently solved.


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