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Criminal Minds -- The Family That Slays Together

Updated on March 1, 2012

It seems Criminal Minds is dedicated this season to showing that the handicapped, both mental and physical, can be just as evil as the rest of us. In some cases, even more evil.

Earlier this season, this mentally handicapped man was obsessed with her brother's wife to the point he cut-off his own nieces hand. Let's hope he didn't rape her, but it's possible he did that, too. This time we have a really twisted triad of terror. Psycho Mommy gets her wheelchair-bound sonny boy women to slice and dice and then has her husband dispose of their bodies. Does sonny boy appreciate what mommy is doing for him? No, he hates mommy. Guess what, after watching this episode, so do I.

Jeffrey, the actual killer, can't get it up with these women, so he gets his kicks cutting them up. Mommy Linda appears to be attuned to Jeffrey's libido in some fashion, as she always can sense when Jeff needs to new girl to slice and dice. And Daddy Donald gets to dispose of them. He poses the body's in a remorseful way; something neither mommy or sonny are about the whole thing.

Of the three, Donald is the most decent. He was driving drunk and caused Jeff's accident, something I'm sure Psycho Linda hasn't let him forget one day of his life. Guess what, Psycho Linda, if you were sober then you shouldn't have let him get behind the wheel. Someone who is drunk has no judgment on their impaired senses. I have a rule. If someone is drinking, they either let me do the driving, since I don't drink, or I don't get in the car with them. Yes, the drunk is responsible for driving drunk, but so are the sober people who get in a car with someone who is driving under the influence. Anyway, Looney Linda made it look like Jeff was driving to protect Donald. She ultimately gets Donald to pay for that favor with his life when she gets him to crash his car into a utility pole with a written confession for all the murders.

Unfortunately for Looney Linda, Jeff's physical therapist, Erica, finds a bloody locket under his bed and Looney attacks her. Luckily, the team bursts in the nick of time and shoots Looney dead while arresting Jeff. Jeff didn't seem to be able to leave the house, so he couldn't have gone hunting for girls if Looney didn't get Donald to bring fresh meat into the house for him to slaughter. Of the three, she was most responsible for the entire thing.

On a personal note, Hotch runs his race he's been training with potential new girlfriend Beth and wins and finally introduces Beth to Jack.

Okay, Criminal Minds. Evil serial killing mentally handicapped man...Check! Serial killing physically handicapped man...Check! That just leaves someone blind and someone deaf. Hopefully they hold up on that til next season.


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