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Criminal Minds -- The Nanny Diaries

Updated on May 11, 2013

Original Airing: May 8, 2013

I hate to repeat myself, but the season is quickly coming to a close and still there’s no more mention of this Replicator. Isn’t it time to pick the story back up?

This weeks episode was about an unsub who kidnaps a nanny and the child she’s caring for once every year and makes sure the nanny is found dead on the same date: May 13. In all the cases the child is quickly returned unharmed. Only this year the unsub isn’t acting the way he normally does.

This year’s victim is a nanny named, Gina Mendez and her charge, Phoebe. As it turns out when the unsub, whose name is Johnny, kidnaps the nanny and the child she’s looking after he was actually looking for a particular type of child. When he finds the child isn’t what he’s looking for, he returns them unharmed. Unfortunately, for Baby Phoebe, she’s the type he’s been looking for. She has asthma like his baby sister, Amanda, did and this time he’s going to keep the child and not return her.

The reason the unsub tortures the nanny he kidnaps before finally killing her is the nanny is the substitute for the nanny he and his sister had as children. His nanny left his baby sister in the bathtub and she ended up drowning. Their nanny, however, died before he could wreak his vengeance on her, so he’s making other nannies pay for her crimes.

One nanny named Tara, actually managed to escape him with her life. While Morgan is interviewing her she’s distracted by a blonde woman with a baby. While she initially refuses to help with the investigation, she finally comes around, and she remembers that while she was being held a blonde woman named Alison Astor had also been held prisoner. Tara also remembers the unsub had a dog. Tara has a lot of guilt because to save herself she left Alison behind.

Thanks to Tara’s information about the dog the team is able to track down dog parks in the area where the nannies and their charges were kidnapped from. They arrive in time to save Gina from the scalding bath water Johnny is preparing for her. He makes a run for it and JJ ends up shooting him in the head and killing him. Afterwards, Tara wants to see his body to make sure he’s dead. Tara is visibly moved when Phoebe’s mom thanks her for her help in finding her child. Maybe it’ll help Tara relieving some of the guilt she feels.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I found Phoebe’s father so creepy that I thought maybe he was going to turn out to be the unsub. I don’t know, the guy just seemed kind of weird.

When JJ goes home that night she goes to check on Henry to make sure he’s okay. Much to her relief he’s sleeping peacefully in his bed. All is well with her family.

I think the show may be showing its age, since a lot of the episodes were kind of hit-and-miss this season. I thought this episode was a bit of a miss.

Hopefully, the Replicator will be back in the next episode. There’s definitely enough cases for him/her to play copycat with. Or maybe they’ll just reveal the Replicator’s face at the end of the season finale. I’m still thinking it may be Blake. And if not Blake, then Garcia’s boyfriend.


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