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Criminal Minds -- The Nine Circles Of Hell

Updated on October 12, 2014

Garcia takes an emotion journey

As this episode opens the focus turns to Garcia who is being haunted over the fact the man she stopped from killing Reid in last season's finale is scheduled to be executed. Against her Baby Boy, Morgan's advice, she heads to Sierra Blanca, Texas, to see Greg Baylor before he's schedule to die. And to express his disapproval Baby Boy Morgan refuses to take any of her phone calls.

For some reason this story seemed like the lead story while the criminal case of the week seemed almost like the B story. I saw a lot of people online saying they hated Garcia's side story, but I actually enjoyed it. I thought it gave her a little character growth, because when push came to shove she did what she thought was right, even though Morgan made it clear by refusing to even speak to her that he was against it.

When Garcia arrives at the Texas prison, Baylor refuses to see her. Then when he does he makes a startling request of Garcia. He wants her there to watch his execution. When Garcia refuses, since she tries to keep the harsh realities of life and her job as much at bay as possible, he accuses Garcia of not coming to see him for him but for herself.

When Garcia is pouring her heart out to Baby Boy Morgan's voice mail since he's still refusing her calls, she has an epiphany of just why Baylor wants her there at his execution and she agrees to go. Baylor's eyes meet Garcia's as he's given a lethal injection and dies.

Garcia manages to hold it together until she gets home and finds Baby Boy Morgan waiting for her. Then she breaks down in his arms. As hard as it was for Garcia to watch the execution, I do think it benefited her character growth and in a way she's a much better person than when she left.

Okay, another of my brief times out. Some people are on death row for years without being executed, but Baylor was only there for a few months before his execution was scheduled? The only thing I can think of for why he got such a swift execution was because the crime he committed was against a federal agent. So I guess if you whack ordinary people you can stay on death row for years, but go after a federal agent and they schedule you're execution at the speed of light.

In Garcia's absence Kevin was brought in as techie. I still don't know why they broke up Kevin and Garcia. I thought they were so cute together and had a yin-yang thing going. Seriously, I hope it wasn't to feed the shippers false hope that some day Morgan and Garcia are going to get together romantically. I think that would be so wrong. I think it's refreshing that a man and woman can be friends. I hope they don't ruin it by going there.

While Garcia is jetting to Texas the team is doing likewise to Washington where several men have been killed but in several different ways. The only connection to their deaths is that they unsub may have seen then being a Bad Daddy to their son. That and the fact the unsub has carved roman numerals on the roof of their mouths indication which number kill they are.

Reid figures out the unsub is recreating Dante's Nine Circles Of Hell with each of these killings. At first, the team thinks the unsub is a kid named Nathan who posted a week before the killings started about wanting to kill people at his school like Dante's Nine Circles of Hell. But when they nab him it turns out he's planning to kill himself. Even though Nathan takes credit for all the murders committed the team figure out the real culprit is a man named Mr. Lu.

The team surmises that Nathan and Lu are connected somehow. That Lu sees Nathan as a substitute for his dead brother. Mr. Lu is haunted by dark memories of how his father disciplined him and his brother. His brother eventually killed himself and Lu blames his father for it. Every time he kills one of these fathers he imagines he's killing his own father, who is already dead.

Lu watches as a man slaps his son [Justin] outside a dentist's office because he got cavities in his dental visit. When the kid, Justin, tells his teacher, Mr. Lu, he can't get a B on his report card, Mr. Lu goes to take care of Justin's father.

The team arrives as Lu is trying to bury the Bad Daddy alive and save the man's life. Considering the way this guy treated his son, I'm not sure that's a good thing.

For those of you on the Jennifer Love Hewitt Hooter Watch, she keeps the girls covered up this episode. Yes, she's infamous for baring her boobs in a lot of the roles she played, but that's not called for in this part. In fact, to do so wouldn't work on this show. So she's keeping her girls tucked safely away behind a high buttoned profession fed shirt.

Reid wasn't rubbing his neck and shoulder area where he got shot this episode. Don't know if they've dropped whatever story they might have been doing with that or if it'll crop back up in the next episode. Or maybe it didn't mean anything at all. I guess only time will tell on that score.


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