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Criminal Minds -- The Poison Pen

Updated on May 8, 2014

Oh, Bill

This week's unsub is played by Kevin from The Office. As Kevin the actor played him as sweet, cuddly and simple-minded at times But in this episode you saw really what a good actor the man is as he plays a very sick and twisted man with a God complex deciding the fates of several people who had the misfortune to be standing in line at a coffee shop he goes to when he learns he's got cancer. He got it from being exposed to asbestos at the place he works, and fate stopped him from going away on a trip he planned to go on twenty years ago, now he feels he's returning the favor of giving a death sentence to the random people he saw standing in line at the coffee shop.

The episode opens when a man comes into the police station telling them he's gotten a death threat in a letter and begs the cops to lock him up. They refuse until he tears the place up. He thinks by being in jail he'll be safe from whomever is threatening to kill him, but he's wrong. The next morning the police find him in his cell in a pool of blood. Before he arrived at the police station the unsub managed to slip some arsenic into his drink at the bar he was drinking at.

The next victim is Carlos Ortega. He gets a death letter and he accuses an employee of sending it to him. The man storms out never realizing this will be the last time he sees Carlos alive, again. Carlos collapses on the ground and the unsub comes in carrying a muffler he wants to buy. Carlos begs him for help, but all he does is coldly watch him die.

The team is called in and they try to come up with several motives for the murders of these unconnected people that are wrong. They do, however, figure the unsub is managing to approach his victims and poison their food or drinks with arsenic. Meanwhile the next victim comes home from grocery shopping and finds a threatening letter in her mailbox. She calls up the police and Rossi warns her not to eat anything and to lock all her doors. While on the phone, the woman starts screaming when the unsub comes out of where he's hiding in her house. Realizing his usual way of killing his victims isn't going to work, he settles for a hands-on approach, this time.

Rossi blames himself for the woman's death because he promised she would be all right. Meanwhile, the team finally figures out the victims are connected by the fact that they were all standing in line at the same coffee shop at the same time. The team rushes to locate the last victim standing in line. They find her and she's fine, as the realize he must have picked a more personal victim, this time.

The unsub, who is named Bill Harding, is finally retiring from his job and heading off to Greece, at long last. His best friend, Wick, thinks it's time he fessed up to Bill, and revealed he was the one who prevented him from going to Greece twenty years ago. He said he'd done it for his own good to stop Bill from throwing everything away for a pipe dream. Since he got cancer because he remained at his job for the last twenty years, Bill decides to make Wick his next victim.

Luckily for Wick the team figures out who Bill is and arrive in time to save his life. They also deal Bill a shocking twist of fate. Seems Wick saved Bill's life, because everyone on the the bus taking them to the flight Bill was booked on were killed when it crashed. So if Wick hadn't interfered, Bill still wouldn't have made it to Greece, he would be dead. Ironically, the fate he was planning to give himself of finally going to Greece twenty years later was happening. Just like twenty years ago when he would have died, he was going to die now. And since he murdered all those innocent people that never did a thing to him, he was never going to get to see Greece. He would instead die in a jail cell paying for his crimes.

Ah, Bill, you can't beat the fates.

Since Beth, who I didn't know was now playing the first lady on Scandal, is on Scandal, the show seems to be introducing a new female as Hotch's potential new love interest. Jack's school class came to find out how to be a FBI profiler and one of the kids revealed that their teacher has a crush on Hotch. Maybe people will like her better than they did Beth.

I have to admit when the case first started, I thought the unsub was lacing the death letters with poison. I thought that when you touched the letter as you were reading it the poison would be absorbed through your fingers. I didn't think it was something so mundane as personally slipping it into your food and drink. It would have just heightened the whole terrorist feeling of being sent death letters.

I work at the local library and a patron saw an envelope left unaddressed on the table and he was worried it could be something dangerous. It turned out to be completely harmless, but if someone wanted to get you, they could send you a piece of mail treated with anthrax or some kind of deadly poison. I honestly never think that when I'm opening my mail, but it is a possibility. There's a lot of sick people out there.

Anyway, it was nice to say The Office's Kevin in an entirely different role. It just showed me how good an actor he is. I was never really that impressed with him on The Office, but I am now.


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