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Criminal Minds -- The Puppeteer

Updated on December 9, 2012

The personal story this week was Reid. His mystery girlfriend wanted them to meet, because she hadn't heard from her stalker in a couple of weeks and thought it was all over. Reluctantly, Reid agreed. However, as he waited for her to arrive in the restaurant he saw a man that seemed to be watching him and thought it might be her stalker and told her to not come in. It turned out the guy was just looking for his dinner party to arrive. An upshot, was both Reid and the mystery woman bought each other the same book to give to each other.

The show played a bit of a trick on the audience as we watched this long dialogue between a doctor and a nasty patient. At one point it seemed the doctor had given the patient an overdose, causing me to think he was the Unsub Of The Week. As it turned out, the comatose patient in the bed next to the nasty old man was the real unsub.

His name is Adam Rain and he wakes up obsessed by writing the wrong of his father's death. When he was a child, his father Alex was killed when he was robbed. He believed the puppets were real and thought they could save his father's life. Now he's obsessed with recreating the moment his father died and having the puppets save him, this time.

He starts kidnapping people trying to find the right man and woman to be the life-sized marionettes his father had. Luckily or perhaps unluckily, depending on how you look at it, Connie Foster fits his image of the femal puppet. He doesn't kill her, but considering the horrible things he did to her, death might have been better. He broke the bones at her joints so he could make her move like a puppet. He also bores holes in her hands and feet to attach the puppet strings. As well as attaching some ugly mask to her face that may or may not be able to removed from her face. So even if Connie gets out of this alive, will she be able to resume any kind of a normal life, again?

Bruce Phillips and Justin Marks were men kidnapped by Adam that didn't make the cut and he killed them and disposed of them in boxes that the team finds. Reid is actually the one who figures out they're being turned into human puppets.

The team is able to track Adam down when the team goes to question a man name Tucker Wade about the clothing the men were found in and he goes to tip off Adam. Unfortunately, Adam rewards Tucker by turning him into the male version of his perfect puppet.

After kidnapping the man and his son, Adam is ready to put on his play in which the puppets save his father from the robber. I kept wondering why the people in the audience weren't appalled or running for help as his little tableau played out and just sat there. Turns out what Adam saw as a live audience was really just an audience he filled with more puppets to fill the seat.

I kind of suspect the dwarf wasn't real that kept taunting him to do these horrible things. A season or so ago there was a case where this man kept imagining the three people were egging him on to do horrible things only for them to just be in his mind.

Anyway, the team arrives and arrests Adam. But like I said, will Connie be able to ever resume anything approaching a normal life.

You know, sometimes I wonder about the stuff this show comes up with. Some of the stuff some of these criminals do just go beyond what one human being should even contemplate doing to another. This was one seriously sick case. I think I might have preferred a doctor going around killing his nasty patients opposed to The Puppeteer.


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