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Criminal Minds -- The Reincarnator

Updated on December 12, 2012

This week’s episode wasn’t has horrifying as last week’s was. The unsub messing around with maggots was probably the grossest moments for me.

The unsub is named Willie Kessler and he believes he is reincarnated serial killer Russell Smith. I guess you can thank Willie’s grandfather for putting that idea in his head. He told Willie the moment he was born on a stretcher next to him and his mother was Russell Smith dying. After Willie’s mother died when he was five, he went to live with his grandfather who slapped him around and told him he had the soul of killer.

Anyway, when someone cuts the brakes on Willie’s car and he almost died, he was convinced one of his[Russell Smith’s] past victims had done it. He was convinced Russell’s victims had been reincarnated just like he had been. So he tracked down people based on their birth date and where they were born to figure out who Russell’s past victims had been reincarnated as.

His first victim was Charlie Clayton who he addressed as Taylor. He left maggots by Charlie’s body so he’d be reincarnated as a maggot, after he pounded a chisel into his brain. He did the same to Nina Skinner, who he calls Patty, and a waitress named, Brianna, who he calls Carol. However, when he goes to kill a man named Ted, he learns the man died 13 years ago. So he looks up where and when he died and is convinced a little boy named Aidan Donahue is Ted reincarnated and kidnaps him.

Luckily for Aidan the team figures out who Ted is. He makes a run for it, leaving Aidan behind alive. Aiden tells Hotch he said he’d be back for Aidan in 20 years. From that, Hotch realizes Willie is heading to the local hospital planning to have himself reincarnated into the body of some poor unfortunate baby he can find.

The team arrives and when Willie shoots and Morgan, he’s shot dead As he’s laying dying, JJ takes the baby he had away from him. Much to his horror, one of the maggots he was carrying around with him in an Altoid’s tin starts crawling on him. So if Willie’s belief holds any validity, Willie will now be reincarnated into the form of a maggot.

Willie’s whole theory is left open to the possibility he could have been right and all those people he killed were the reincarnated victims of Russell Smith and Willie was indeed Russell Smith reincarnated. Someone cut Willie’s brakes and why would someone do that, unless he was right. There were still 4 victims he hadn’t tracked down. Perhaps it was one of them who did it.

Back home, Garcia freaks when she learns Morgan was shot in his bullet proof vest. JJ walks in as Garcia is touching the bandage around Morgan’s mid-section. Would the show really go there with Morgan and Garcia? They kind of teased at it last season, but I thought it was a one-off.

Then Hotch calls everyone together. He tells them about The Replicator. That someone is out there mimicking the crimes they’ve just solved. Someone is watching them.


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