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Criminal Minds -- The Video Gamers

Updated on November 22, 2012

It’s not good when I’m screaming at my TV screen when you two go to prison I hope you get it up your butts, but these two unsubs were just two vile little cretins. They treated people like they weren’t human beings and I would have loved to see them getting a little of their own back in prison. And I don’t care how young these two nasty freaks were. Evil is evil.

Psychotic gamers and siblings, Matt and Josh, kidnap a busload of students. That’s part of the video game they play and they intend to use the students as game tokens to play out their sick little version of Gods Of Combat. They pick 10 of the students they think closest fits the psychological make-up of their game pieces and put choke collars around their throats that they can send volts of electricity through to control them.

Hotch really annoyed me in this episode when he was so sure the unsub was the school bus driver, Mr. Webster, because he had altercations with some of the kids on the bus, previously. I’d like to see how well Hotch did as a school bus driver. I love to drive and I need a job, but one job you couldn’t pay me to do is to be a school bus driver. When the bus driver was found dead, I yelled at my TV, “Well, who you going to try and blame now?”

Garcia figures out the possible location of the students. But when they find the bus there’s no kids on it.They find 14 of the students locked in a shed, but 10 are still missing. They’re the ones the two psycho-sickos chose as their game playing pieces.

The ten missing students are locked in a steel cage and being totally de-humanized by being given numbers to replace their names. I’d really love to lock these two cretins in a cage with the slime merchant from a few episodes back who was chaining up men in her barn and shoving all sorts of crap up their nose and have them go at it.

Mrs. Roberts, the bus monitor is missing.

The two psychos call numbers forward 2 and 5, which is a boy and a girl named Trent and Addison. Josh leads Addison to Mrs. Roberts, the bus monitor’s, dead body and makes her take a key off the corpse. Then he threatens Addison’s family and gets her to shoot Trent in cold blood. Matt calls 4 to go next, which is a girl. A boy named Billy offers to take her place. Josh, who seems to be the biggest sickie of the two, shoots the girl, 4, and then Billy takes her place. Then he orders Addison to shoot Billy next.

Garcia kisses Kevin when he gives her an idea how to find the freaks. They figure they have the kids at the paper mill. Kevin and Garcia are still on the outs because she turned down his marriage proposal. Later, Garcia invites Kevin to get a drink but he says he already has plans.

Billy is running from Addison when Garcia manages to hack into the two sickies Internet hook-up. She’s able to communicate with Billy and tells him how to remove the choke collar. The brothers turn on each other when they lose control of their game. One holds a gun on the other. Then they realize they’ve been hacked into and decide to grab guns and join the game between Addison and Billy.

Billy and Addison try to escape but the two freaks catch them. Hotch gets the drop on psycho Josh, and they shoot him dead. I’m torn, while I’m thrilled this American Psycho is dead, I really wanted him to get a little of his own back in prison. Let’s see how he likes to be de-humanized.

The other sicko brother, Matt, after seeing his evil brother Josh is dead says he guesses that means he won. But that seemed to be his only emotion about the thing. Well, Matt, you can tell yourself that when Big Bubba corners you in a shower in prison and teaches you to sing soprano. You won!

Well, I can’t complain anymore about these unsubs leaving me cold. These two little punks made me see red. There's a big difference between the unsubs that just kills people and the ones that treat human beings like they're not even human. The ones who do that really need to be treated the same way to see just how it feels.


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