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Criminal Minds -- The Watcher

Updated on November 7, 2013

Giving Neighborhood Watch a whole new meaning

This is probably one of the few rare occasions when I actually feel sorry for the unsub. When you lose a child it can do bad things to you. And it didn't help his not-so-loving wife just made him feel even worse about himself. In fact, she seems to have helped contribute to what he ended up doing, not that I'm sure this woman will ever cop to any blame she holds for his actions.

Tanner Johnson is our unsub, this week. He works the night shift on security in an apartment building, and he's taken his job as protector of the building a little too seriously.

The episode begins with Scotty and Ashley saying goodnight after their first date. Scotty and Ashley get on their phones talking to their friends about what they thought of the date. Scotty tells his friend Ashley could be the one. And that's the last word Scotty gets out of his mouth before Tanner grabs him from behind and strangles him. Afterwards, he takes a picture of Scotty as a souvenir for his scrapbook.

This is the thing about an outsider looking in. What they perceive to be the truth may not necessarily be the way it is. Because Tanner saw Scotty macking on other girls in the same building he decided Tanner was only using Ashley and she needed to be protected from him. But from what Scotty said he thought Ashley might have been the one and it could have ended up in this great relationship for Scotty and Ashley. What it ended up as thanks to Tanner is both Scotty and Ashley dead.

When Scotty didn't call Ashley back she wanted to find out his name when he signed into her building's visitor's book. The security guard said Tanner had the records locked up down in the basement and told her where to look for them. What she found when she got there was Tanner's lair. She went through his scrapbook and was horrified to find a picture of Scotty in it and realized Tanner had killed him.

As luck would have it, Tanner returned just then and she ran for her life from him. She was trying to get away from him when she fell to her death.

Tanner also kills a teenager named Jake who he feels is corrupting another teen named Colin who lives in his building before the team finally figures out who he is. Colin is talking to Jake when he tells Colin there's someone behind him and sees as Jake is murdered. Jake's crime seemed to be giving Colin a video game. But in Tanner's mind it may have hit a little too close to home.

When his son Jeremy was 10 he died from strangulation. He and another playmate had engaged in some questionable activities that lead to Jeremy dying. Then his pregnant wife threw him out and he began taking his sentry duty at the apartment building he worked at way too seriously.

It seems he was creating his death scrapbook as proof to his wife he wasn't too weak. That's the first thing she tells him when he comes to see her. She says he's too weak to protect the baby. From that you can probably assume that's what she did after their son died. Told her husband their son was dead because he was too weak to protect him.

She goes into labor as the team arrives and drags him away, telling him he'll never see his kid. And you can bet the shrew wife will never even send the guy a picture of his kid, when she's partially responsible for the guy going out killing people to try and prove to this shrew that he wasn't too weak. But I'm sure she'll never take any responsibility for driving her husband to what he did.

The guy had a chance of having another child that might have healed the loss of the child he lost, but his wife tossed him out telling him he was too weak to take care of this child. And that was what triggered this. You can bet she wouldn't allow him to be around her because she declared he was too weak. So he went out to prove to her he wasn't weak. Let's just hope this shrew is a better mother than she was a wife.

Speaking of her being a mother, I'm guessing she free passed herself on what happened to her son, but where was she when it happened? She's such a superior human being she can tell someone their weak, well why didn't she stop what happened and save her son?

And therein lies my reason for feeling sorry for this guy even though he killed a lot of innocent people who didn't deserve to die. I feel his shrew wife was more to blame for what he did than he was. That she drove him to what he did. And she'll get no punishment for what she did and she gets rewarded by having another kid. I just wonder if something happens to this kid cause she's as lousy a mother as she was a wife, who'll she'll find to blame it on this time and to make herself out to be blameless.

The side story was Rossi learning his old hangout where he met his wife Caroline was about to close. The team took him to celebrate the closing night. Reid, JJ and Rossi got up on stage to sing karioke. Garcia eventually joins them on stage, but Hotch uses the excuse he's filming them so he doesn't have to go on stage, too. Blake just stayed in the background like a piece of furniture, per usual. Seriously, I don't know why the show needs her. She really doesn't add anything to it.

And after that first episode of JJ and the new boss Mateo that storyline seems to have been dropped. We haven't seen hide nor hair of Mateo since the one episode he played in.

Anyway, it was an interesting episode. It was almost a cautionary tale to nagging wives not to constantly put their husbands down and make them feel like nothing, as you may be putting something horrible into motion when they try to prove to you you're wrong about them.


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