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Criminal Minds -- The Zodiac Killer Returns

Updated on January 21, 2012

This was a great episode; much better than the prize fighter one. The premise is, could The Zodiac Killer be back killing people.

A couple is parking when a cloaked figure comes out and shoots them. On the windshield is left behind the symbol of the zodiac that The Zodiac left behind at the scene of his crimes. It seems to be a replica of a past Zodiac crime. There's even a photo left behind from the original scene of the crime of one of The Zodiac killings.

Reid doesn't think it's The Zodiac picking up where he left off. He even manages to debunk a man claiming his brother is The Zodiac. This gets the attention of Caleb Rossmore, The Faux Zodiac, and he taunts Reid that he's not as smart as he thinks. Reid decodes a clue and believes he knows where The Faux Zodiac will strike again, but he gets the location wrong, and another couple is murdered in a different part of Golden Gate Park. This seems to provoke a mid-life crisis for Reid, who just turned 30 and he's wondering if there's more he should be doing with his life.

The profile for The Faux Zodiac is while he kills couples, he's over-killing the female member of the couple, because she's someone he wants but can't have. After Caleb's inappropriate slideshow at the pre-wedding party for Marissa and Harvey dedicated to his and Harvey's friendship, I thought Caleb wanted Harvey not Marissa. When he had a private lunch with Marissa wondering if she was calling the wedding off, I thought maybe the profile was right and I was wrong. Then I found out I was right. Go with your gut instinct, my girl.

As kids, Caleb and Harvey were obsessed with The Zodiac case. They even did an article on the killer. Caleb is basically doing the Zodiac killings as a love letter to Harvey. He even takes Harvey to the spot of every killing he's done and gets him to walk through how The Zodiac killed them. The gruesome murder tour ends when Caleb shows a tied up Marissa. He murdered the driver of the cab she was in and kidnapped her.

There was an interesting twist to this story. Harvey seemed like the innocent victim of his perverted childhood friend who took his interest in The Zodiac too far. As it turned out, Harvey was a bigger monster than Caleb and Marissa was saved from marrying a monster.

Seems as boys Caleb and Harvey took their obsession with The Zodiac way too far. They murdered a little boy. Turns out Harvey set Caleb up to it. The little boy was the younger brother of a boy that was bullying Harvey. Marissa hears the whole sordid tale as Reid provokes Caleb to spill his guts. Bet she was thanking her lucky stars she didn't go through with marry this monster.

The Zodiac is before my time, but this episode has peaked my interest in him. It's an interesting case. A serial killer that just stops killing and is never caught.

With some help from Prentiss, Reid gets over his mid-life crisis and the team throws him a birthday party.. Watching Reid in action this episode you can see just how smart he is. You can really understand why someone with that kind of intelligence would wonder if there wasn't something more than could be doing with their intelligence. He seemed to be at peace with the fact his using his intelligence to save people's lives. It was Reid's intelligence that helped save Marissa's life.


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    • profile image

      ZodiacRevisited 6 years ago

      Thanks for the detailed review of the episode. The case of the Zodiac killer is an amazing mystery. Not being a fan of the show, I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the way writers handled the story. In case you're interested, you can read the details here:

    • jessramblings profile image

      jessramblings 6 years ago from New Jersey

      I agree! This episode truly was a great one. I'm excited for them to return to his headaches again later in the season. Thanks for the awesome review!


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