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Criminal Minds -- Who'll Save The Children?

Updated on October 22, 2011

Rossi gets a visit from the Ex-wives Club

Young Bobby is locked away by his mother, and she starts having a mental meltdown. Instead of doing it to punish him, it appears she did it to protect him. Afterwards she drops him off outside his grandmother's house, while he begs her not to leave him. After she leaves Bobby is approached by an unseen man that he appears to know and is kidnapped.

The man is George Kelly. He seems to be playing out a sick and dangerous game where he rescues children from their bad parents and then gets the child to unknowingly agree that he should go murder their parents. He presents it to Bobby as making his mother's pain stop, and what child isn't going to want their parent not to be in pain?

George finds Bobby's mother and tries to make it look like she committed suicide by slashing her wrists on the scars from the previous time she had slashed her wrists. But then goes into a frenzy and tips off the BAU that she was murdered.

He snatches another child named Timmy. His mother is a junkie. Timmy won't play the game George likes to play. When he goes to kill Timmy's mother, he sees she's being taken into protective custody, so he releases Timmy. Unless the children play along with his game, he can't get from them what he needs. Which seems to be to make what he did to his own mother as a child right, by having other children do the same to their own mothers.

George only picks on kids with bad mothers. He also doesn't just limit it to young children like Bobby and Timmy. His next child to help is a teenager named Shannon. Turns out George is a 911 operator. That's how he's finding his victims. Shannon calls because her mother's boyfriend is trying to molest her, but her mother won't do anything about it. George overhears her mother asking Shannon why he would be trying to mess with Shannon when he has her. That's enough for George to snatch and grab both mother and daughter.

While her mother is tied up in the bedroom with Bobby, George is out in the living room with Shannon telling her about his mother who tried and failed to commit suicide several times. He claims his mother sat on the edge of a bridge for a long time before finally jumping. I thought there was something off with the flashback of his mother in this long white feathery outfit.

Reid finds something suspicious about George's mother's suicide. He says women don't generally commit suicide in such a violent manner, which tips the team to the truth about George. George pushed his mother off the bridge. In his sick warped child mind he thought he was helping her. His mother was in pain and he put her out of it.

George tries to get Shannon to agree that her mother needs to die. In an effort to save her daughter, Shannon's mother starts saying all sorts of vile thing like she knew what her boyfriend was up to and she just didn't care, so her daughter will go along with what George wants. Luckily for them Hotch and the team arrive and take George down.

In an ironic twist what George did to Shannon's mother may actually make her get her act together and be a good mother to Shannon. So in his warped need to play out his childhood crime he may have actually done some good.

On the personal front, Rossi's first ex-wife came to pay him a visit. She also came to ask a big favor. She has ALS and when things get to a point she wants him to help her die, if she no longer is capable of doing it, herself. The big question is will Rossi do it?


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