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Crimson Peak: The Review

Updated on October 28, 2015
3 stars for My Star Rating

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A rating system I've created. It's what I sue to determine a score.
A rating system I've created. It's what I sue to determine a score. | Source

Crimson peak has a lot of mixed reviews with both fans and critics alike. The movie plays off like a bad romance for majority of the movie while providing us with a scatterplot of scares. Though there’s something to love about it, and the movie was oddly enjoyable.

Edith Cushing, played by Mia Wasikowska (best known from Alice and Wonderland), has known of ghosts since mother visited her as a small child, giving her a warning to avoid “Crimson Peak”, and this was after she had passed from a disease that messes her face up. She grows up to write a book that she wants to be published someday, and this is where she meets Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleton). Sharpe is a business man who seamlessly steals the heart of Cushing after her father tragically died. She then goes on to live in Sharpe’s house. There she finds dark secrets that include ghosts that she was warned about.

A majority of the movie is just filler that sets up these characters for us to get connect to them. The problem is that the characters aren’t good enough to even care about. They’re elaborate versions of cookie cutter and wooden characters who’ve come before.

The movie seems to think that the audience will care about these character but we don’t. We get an hour and a half of these characters that seem suspicious, but they’re not set up good enough for us to stay interested. They’re walking through the scenes with direction. The chemistry simmers out a couple of minutes after they meet each other.

It then pans over their little love romance. This is small highlight while also being unsatisfying. It felt rushed and it felt like a gimmick. It makes it feel like a TV sitcom. This love triangle appears that doesn’t really work, because we the audience knows who the right person is. Though they follow the Hollywood cliché route and allow her to fall in love with Sharpe. Not really a spoiler as the trailer states this. Off they go to Sharpe’s house to live happily ever after.

The tone of movie starts to shift, as Guillermo Del Toro shows why he’s so great. To the large Victorian staircases to the beautiful and luxurious color, makes this house an absolute delight on the eyes. It gives the audience a real sense of where and when. It almost feels like Harry Potter with an older twist onto it.

Cushing starts to be woken by strange noises. She finds outs that things truly go bump in the night. The ghosts seem to do nothing with the plot of the movie. However, it pushes along the premise of showing the horrific nature of the history of the house. This leads to them giving clues that push the movie to it’s amazing and what seems like a finale that finally come

Its finale isn’t worth the admission price, but does an excellent job at concluding what would have been a somewhat boring movie. However, the last forty five minutes so much, it became an oddly satisfying movie. Though it isn’t really worth that hefty admission price. Those looking for a satisfying movie with a two hours of creepy atmosphere, won’t get it. This a very methodical movie for those fans that don’t necessary mind a slow building romance filled movie, or those who are really big fans of Guillermo Del Toro.

Overall, the movie does succeed with an assortment of scares that blends both jumps scares with a creepy atmosphere. The jump scares are timed perfectly while actually surprising me. The ending takes us a different route as the finale gives us with what the audience wanted from the whole movie. This saves it from what is a mostly predictable ending, but it’s a great conclusion to an otherwise poorly advertised movie.



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