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Critic's Corner: The Angry Video Game Nerd

Updated on December 29, 2012

AVGN's video game review of "Street Fighter 2010"

He's the angriest gamer you ever heard..he's the game....neeerd!

Ah yes, it's time for another rendition of rendition of "Critic's Corner", where I essentially analyze other film critics. Some of them ranging from the tragically under rated like hubpages' "HL allen" to even some of hubpages rising stars like "Cogerson", "Nickalooch" and "Carl the Critic." Heck, we'll even be going over other critics that have nothing to do with hubpages at all like Roger Ebert and Peter Travers. But for this month's edition, we'll be going over James D. Rolfe aka "The Angry Video Game Nerd."

Granted, James is mostly known for his hilarious reviews of mediocre to sometimes downright horrible video games. However, he also reviews board games, TV shows, and movies as well. I won't go into too much detail about his style of reviewing video games, as the purpose of "Critic's Corner" is to analyze him more as a film critic if anything else. Although I will say that even though he inserts quite a bit of humor into his game reviews, he also mentions valid reasons why the games are bad, and what they might have that's good about them. Hell, he even tells you how to beat them too if he knows any tips about it.

However, as a film critic, he's actually one of the better ones that I've seen. Granted, his humor can be a bit vulgar at times, as he often swears a lot in his reviews. But, he always supports his arguments rather well, and he sometimes presents interesting facts that most people wouldn't know about a movie. For example, he did a series of video reviews on all the "Batman" movies. Not only did he cover all of them ranging from Keaton's first "Batman" film to "The Dark Knight", but he also covered all the movies leading up to them; including the old "Batman" serials and the movies that inspired the "Batman", which were "The Bat" and "The Bat Whisperer." Take in mind, if it wasn't for the "Angry Video Game Nerd", then I never would've found out that "The Bat" or "Bat Whisperer" even existed, so let's just say it's very impressive how much this guy knows about movies in general.

Not only does he always supports his arguments well in a review, but he also points out little facts about the film that most viewers commonly miss. Like pointing out some of inconsistencies in a cult film like "Maximum Overdrive."

Although he rarely ever reviews that many films, and whenever he does, it's usually old movies that he reviews. Granted, he'll review a few current films as well, but most of them consist of older movies specifically; mostly mainstream films.

Although I can't say that I always agree with his opinions on every movie, nor am I going to claim some of his assessments can come off a bit biased at times. However, he supports his arguments well, to where even if you don't agree wit him, then you'll at least respect his opinion. Plus, he always manages to let viewers know interesting facts about the film itself that most audiences aren't aware of; which implies he has a great knowledge of movies in general.

Overall, I would have to give the "Angry Video Game Nerd" a perfect four out of four, as a film critic. Even if you don't agree with his assessments, you'll still find yourself learning something new, and you might even get a laugh out of it as well. Trust me, if you haven't checked out any of his film reviews, then you're definitely missing out.

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    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 5 years ago

      Wow, that's quite a coincidence there. lol. Yeah, I agree with you about him being the most creative swearer out there. lol.

      Anyway, I'm glad you liked the hub, and thanks for stopping by to share some of your thoughts with us.

    • innersmiff profile image

      James Smith 5 years ago from UK

      Funny, I was just watching that Street Fighter 2010 video like an hour ago! I guess AVGN is like a guilty pleasure, and the most creative swear-er I've ever heard. But he's passionate about films and games, and actually persuaded me to buy an old NES from ebay.