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Crowley From "Supernatural" and His Red Smoke.

Updated on March 22, 2013

Promo Image of Crowley

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Why is he different than all of the others?

Warning: Spoiler alert for anyone not up-to-date with the current season of "Supernatural".

In this week's episode of "Supernatural" ("What's Up, Tiger Mommy?"), it would seem that the writers are having a bit of trouble remembering what is, and what is not, canon. First, they tell us that demons have no souls, when canon has already been established that demons are nothing more than the twisted souls of humans who have been tormented into becoming demons after they have gone to Hell. But then, we were given (what seemed to be) an extended shot of Crowley's smoky bits leaving Momma Tran (and going back into the body that he has been using since we have known him). The thing with this is that when we were shown his smoky bits, they were red, instead of the normal black. This might make sense, since when Crossroads Demons show off that they are inside a human host, their host's eyes turn red. But the thing with that is that no other demon on the show has ever had anything other than black smoke attached to them, and if anyone was going to have something different, why would Crowley be the first one that we have seen? If there was going to be a demon who had smoky bits that were a super-special color that was something other than black, would it really be someone who started off working at the crossroads of the world, and who was trying to get people to sell their souls for their heart's desires. The impression that was given in previous seasons was that the crossroads demons were just "working stiffs" who were trying to fill up Hell with as many souls as they possibly could, but that even they had bosses (it was Lilith who actually held the contracts that they made with people, and it seemed that she was actually the one that was in control of what happened with them). And with Crowley in particular, canon gave the impression that he was someone who only took advantage of a power vacuum, but not that he was someone who was powerful enough to have been able to topple anyone who was higher up on the food chain than he was. So, why is he so special to have been given his very own tint when it comes to smoke?

It would seem that if having power (even if you were only using someone else's misfortune to your advantage) was what ultimately was the factor in someone having a different color to their smoke, why is it that Crowley is the first that seems to have this ability? Why didn't Lilith have white smoke? Or Azazel have yellow smoke? The both of them were certainly more powerful than Crowley, and if having eyes that turn a color other than black is an indication that you are able to have smoke in that same color, the two of them should have been able to have smoke the color of their eyes as well.

What seems much more likely is that since there is a new person in charge of running the show, he is wanting to put his own stamp on the show (regardless if what he is doing really makes that much sense when it comes to what has already been established in the past seven seasons). As a result, instead of things matching up with things that have happened in previous seasons, things are being added because they are cool, instead of people stopping to ask themselves if what they are doing makes sense when the canon of the show is taken into account.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Why does Lilith create white light? Why does Azazel seem to control fire? Why do the 7 deadly sins corrupt people with a touch, or disaster demons create disasters? Theres different types of demons with different abilities, Crowley just so happens to be a crossroad demon with a lot of knowledge about magic. He also owns the contracts for all the souls in hell. Maybe the guy picked up a few tricks.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Actually the four horsemen had light grey smoke. Besides, he is the king of hell, even more powerful than the horsemen, so his smoke may have changed color.


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