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Crystal Chappell cast as Danielle on Bold and the Beautiful: One of Caroline Spencer’s Lesbian Mom’s

Updated on August 8, 2013

Update!!! May 14, 2012: Joanna Johnson Comes Out!

Much like her onscreen alter-ego, Karen Spencer, this week her protrayer, Joanna Johnson came out!

Crystal Chappell is returning to network daytime television. Chappell who has a fan base from her roles on Guiding Light (Olivia Spencer, 1999-2009), and Days of our Lives (Dr Carly Manning, 1990 – 1993, 2009 - 2011) as well as web soap, Venice, has been cast as one of Caroline Spencer’s (Linsey Godfrey) two mothers.

Caroline Spencer’s other mother, Karen Spencer is played by Joanna Johnson who originated the role of Caroline Spencer (1.0).

Crystal Chappell was also nominated for a Daytime Emmy this week for her portrayal of Carly Manning on Days of our Lives, a role she left in September, 2011.

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Gay storyline a first for The Bold and The Beautiful

The gay storyline is a first in the 25 year history of the Bold and the Beautiful. With all the traditional families on the show, it seemed only natural that there should be a gay element on a show centered on the fashion industry. According to TV Guide the idea for Caroline to have two mothers came about when Bradley Bell asked himself who Caroline 2.0’s father was – she hasn’t appeared to have one.

Bell also stated in TV Guide that Karen and Danielle have lived a happy family life in New York raising their daughter, Caroline, but that her brother Bill Spencer, Jr (Don Diamont) doesn’t know about her lifestyle and wonders about his sister’s inability to “get a man”. Karen’s return to Los Angeles will see her “coming out” to her brother.

But not for Crystal Chappell…

While the gay storyline may be a first for The Bold and the Beautiful, playing a gay character is not a first for Crystal Chappell.

In the final season of Guiding Light, Olivia Spencer became one half of the popular Otalia lesbian couple. Bradley Bell also indicated that unlike on Guiding Light, viewers would get to see a lesbian lip-lock on screen. On Guiding Light the very modern gay relationship between Olivia and Natalia, was played out in a very 50’s kind of way, with no kissing and certainly no sex.

Crystal also portrays a gay character (Gina Brogno) on the web soap, Venice, she and real life husband Michael Sabatino (ex-Lawrence Alamain, Days of our Lives) created. It was from Chappell’s role on that series that Bell got the idea to cast Crystal as Karen Spencer’s (Joanna Johnson’s) partner.

Crystal Chappell’s first airdate

Look for Karen Spencer (Joanna Johnson) to return to The Bold and the Beautiful on May 16, 2012, closely followed by her onscreen partner, Danielle (Crystal Chappell) on May 17, 2012.


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