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Current Plans For The WWE Title And Christian Cage's Return

Updated on January 1, 2013

Christian Cage WWE plans

Christian Cage WWE plans
Christian Cage WWE plans

WWE Championship Plans

As of now the plans inside the WWE is for Jeff Hardy to drop the title to Edge in the near future. This will set up a feud between Edge and Triple H for wrestlemania.

Christian Cage will likely be making his WWE return to the Smackdown brand, and somehow helping Edge to win the title from Jeff Hardy. This will take Jeff out of the title picture and set up a feud with Christian. It is likely to be revealed that christian was behind the attack on the morning of the survivor series pay per view.

It is strongly believed that Christian will break into the main event, and have a wwe title run in the near future.

Of course this is the current plans which will likely change many times, but this is the most likely what will be put into play.


Christian's WWE Return

I was really hoping for a christian return to Raw as this show is in bad need of good talent. For now it looks like Christian will be on Smackdown, to give the show another big push in ratings.


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