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Cute Flowers

Updated on February 20, 2013

Flowers are the wonderful gifts of nature. Flowers can make positive emotion, boots spirits and have good effects on everyone and heal the mind so I like them very much. Flowers have always caught the attention of all aged people alike. I think they reflect god’s grace on earth because they bring a pleasant feeling to anyone who glances at them.

Flowers are always great presents because flowers are a proud assertion that a glimpse of beauty out values all of the utilities of the world. Flowers are like melody heard out of a work-house.

I would love to have two or three roses of the valley presented for me by a person I love, than the most costly flower bouquet that money can buy! Flowers are melodies which even a new born baby enjoys.

Flowers have a great healing power. It brings a soothing divine experience to even a depressed person. There is nothing refreshing like aroma of Jasmine.

I like to present to you my collection of cute flowers. Enjoy the bliss!


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      mathew 9 years ago

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