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Cute Love Songs

Updated on October 17, 2010

All I Want Is You - Barry Louis Polisar
Most people will know this song from the intro to the indie flick Juno, but the song itself is absolutely adorable. With a folksy rhythm and the harmonica along with catchy lyrics that just scream adoration and adorable at the same time, who can resist such a sweet tune?

First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes
There is no collection of cuteness without the mention of this song. Covered by every person who's ever played a guitar and owned a video camera to put himself on Youtube, this song take the cake for overplayed and over sugary. Hello Saccharin sweetness. Nice to meet you.

Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional
Back in my middle school days, I fantasized about getting my first kiss while listening to this song. Cute, over-idealized images of romance with a little cliche thrown in, Dashboard Confessional reigns in teenage love. Their song "stolen" also makes the listen but since it's pretty much saying the same thing, it doesn't get its own section. Sorry Dashboard, you're just a romance lovin' band, and that's why we love you. Sort of.

Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie
The song I lost my virginity to had to make the list somewhere. A great song for long distance lovers, especially those having to fly across oceans to visit, as I will with my British boyfriend at some point, but this song is just stunning. Possibly the prettiest song I've ever heard. It's long but it's perfect. Definitely worth a listen, as is the whole album. If you don't own the Transatlanticism album, buy it now. It's a necessity.

Birds and Boats - Gregory and the Hawk
Along the same lines as "First Day of My Life," Gregory and the Hawk's "Birds and Boats" is a Youtube staple. If you have a guitar and a camera and have yet to record this song, do it immediately and keep this tradition alive. A simple song can say a lot of things. It's an indie kid staple.

Loveology - Regina Spektor
Not released on any records but live recordings exist of this song. This song is precious. It's about almost every stage of relationships, first dates, break ups, fights. It's pretty much one of my favorite Regina songs and it makes me smile. It's about learning to love and we're all just trying to do that.

A Vespertine Haunting - Goodbye Tomorrow
Possibly the best make-out song ever. Slow enough to take your time but with enough of a beat to get really dirty to. It's the indie kid's version of "Pour Some Sugar on Me." Or something like that.

Anyone Else But You - Moldy Peaches
Another song of Juno fame. However, the Moldy Peaches' version is absolutely brilliant and cute and shows that two people really can love everything about one another, even someone shitting their pants is cute. Don't get the Micheal Cera and Ellen Page version. It's cute but definitely not as good.


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