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Cute family movie: Tangled

Updated on October 28, 2011



It is always our desire during the holidays to do as much as we can with our kids and on a day off in the month of November following Thanksgiving it's always nice to see a movie and share in the magic of Walt Disney's latest creation. Movies are a fun way to share time with our kids as they certainly look forward to seeing a good movie and we enjoy that they are excited, content and happy to see one designed for them. This weekend we have two movies to choose from that our son narrowed down on his list of fun things to do and the movie of his choice was Tangled. We've seen the coming attractions for Tangled in other movies we saw and we knew that it was a movie we all wanted to see so when he decided on it we were all looking forward to seeing it.

In a kid's view according to a parent there's only one real criteria to meet to satisfy their wishes in seeing a movie and that is to keep their attention and interest and make them happy. When I take my son to a movie he now can sit and watch attentively if the movie is interesting and makes him feel good. I knew when he chose to see Tangled it would be a good movie that would keep his interest even though I did not read a review or do any research on the movie other than finding out where it was playing and a convenient time to see it.

When we see a Walt Disney movie we are never disappointed and we always leave feeling good and learning a nice message. Tangled is a movie that will take you away into a fantasy world and make you smile, make you laugh, make you cry and make you happy throughout the film. It is classic Disney and the animation and 3D technology is superb. We all enjoyed the movie very much and our son sat through the entire movie and had a wonderful time. The great thing in seeing the movie Tangled is that it captures your interest right from the opening scene and it draws you in to the very end.

The story is about a princess born to royalty through the miracle of a magic flower that was sought by the townsfolk to heal the mother as she gave birth. The flower had certain powers that were selfishly hoarded by an old woman to help keep her young. When she lost it she sought the newly born princess to regain those powers and when she found her she took her away from her parents and locked her away in a tower with no contact to the outside world so she could harness the princesses magical powers and stay young forever.

Rapunzel is now a young lady with the magical and long beautiful blond flowing hair and she is looking forward to her 18th birthday with the dream of leaving her tower and visiting the magical lights she sees in the sky that she looks towards and feels a connection to. As she is locked away in her tower she busies herself with her daily routines and she sings and talks to her little friend, Pascal that is her confidant.

Rapunzel is beautiful and has an angelic voice and magic healing powers that makes her special. As she dreams of leaving her tower it seems unlikely she will with the controlling old woman who keeps her captive to stay young and deceives her into believing that she is her mother. By fate Rapunzel is visited by Flynn, a thief on the run who scales the tower and manages to climb in the window and escape his captors only to be hit with a frying pan by Rapunzel and locked in a closet. After a few more knockout blows with the same frying pan and being tied up to a chair by her hair she bargains a deal with him to help guide her to the lights in exchange for his stolen princess tiara he hides in his satchel. He is being chased by the authorities, a horse and the 2 other criminals he had worked with. Rapunzel is insistent that he help her and so he agrees and that is the start of their adventure that grabs you and takes you on a magical ride for the next 2 hours and makes you feel like a kid as all Disney movies generally do.

The movie has wonderful scenes that are memorable with singing and wonderfully animated characters that come to life and a story that is imaginative and fun to watch. It is a real treat to see and even my son agreed that it would make a wonderful musical on Broadway. The common theme of romance is also a wonderful part of the movie that tugs at your heart and makes you feel happy and inspired.

I enjoyed the movie from beginning to end and my son did also as I heard him cheer and laugh throughout. I am a bit sensitive and not afraid to show my emotion and I can truly say that the movie will make you shed a tear or two and make you laugh and cheer and feel good. I had many favorite scenes in the movie and I particularly enjoyed the scene when the princess was reunited with her parents and the scene where she kissed Flynn(Eugene) her rescuer who she falls in love with. This is a fun family movie and all will love it. We certainly did. Tangled will make you dream and will make your heart soar. It is Disney magic at it's best and it is a must see!

Edward D. Iannielli III



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    • viden profile image

      viden 6 years ago

      Yes, my daughter love this movie too. She amazed at Rapunzel's long beautiful blond flowing hair.

    • profile image

      steve 7 years ago

      nice to amother not afraid of emotion sure i will be shedding tears too