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DISH Drops Big Ten Network

Updated on October 22, 2012

After attempting to reach a contract deal, negotiations between DISH and Big Ten Network failed on Friday, September 15th. The network and provider had previously reached a temporary deal and were discussing a new carriage agreement, but disagreement over rates and terms led to DISH’s dropping of Big Ten Network.

Fans of 16 college football teams, who looked forward to watching the BTN game on DISH on Saturday, were not thrilled to find they were left in the dark on game day. But according to both sides, the termination was inevitable.

UPDATE: On September 22nd, 2012, DISH came to an agreement with Big Ten Network. The channel has been returned to Dish Network programming.

Why did DISH drop BTN?

BTN released a statement regarding the issue, noting that the network is “disappointed that Dish does not see the value in our network the same way that so many of their customers do” adding that Big Ten students, fans, and alumni would continue to pay for a service they won’t receive because DISH demanded “preferential treatment.”

DISH senior vice president Dave Shull attributed the dispute to price gouging, noting that BTN wanted DISH to pay more on a per-subscriber basis than it currently does for NFL Network, NBA Network, NHL Network, MLB Network, and the Golf Channel combined. He stated that the price would require rate increases for Dish Network customers, a price he’s not willing to pay.

Will DISH ever get Big Ten Network back?

Although current negotiations are no longer in order, there is a chance that DISH will work with Big Ten Network on crafting another agreement in the near future. Until then, DISH will continue to carry BTN part-owner FOX Networks’ channels.

DISH Customers Can Watch Big Ten Network Online

So where can you watch Big Ten now? DISH customers who wish to watch games in and events on BTN in the meantime can subscribe online to the Big Ten Digital Network.

Did you watch Big Ten Network on DISH?

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