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DISH Becomes Exclusive Satellite Provider of Jadeworld Cantonese TV

Updated on November 19, 2012

(To read this article in Chinese, please click here.)

As of November 18, 2012, DirecTV will drop their popular Cantonese package Jadeworld from their programming. The same day, DISH will begin to offer the Jadeworld package, which will include Jadeworld (TVB USA) channels TVB1, TVB2, TVBe, and TVBS along with Chinese news channel CCTV 4.

DISH Becomes Exclusive Satellite Provider of Jadeworld

As DirecTV will no longer offer this package, DISH will be the exclusive satellite provider of these Cantonese-language TV favorites. Cable companies won’t offer the Jadeworld package, either, so existing Jadeworld customers and new customers interested in the package are encouraged to contact us to order Jadeworld through DISH so that they may continue to enjoy their Cantonese-language programming.

Don't have Jadeworld on DISH yet? Order with us.

If you don't have DISH yet, we can help. As a sales partner for DISH, we offer the Cantonese channels you're looking for. Order your DISH service with us and start watching all of your Jadeworld favorites.

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~Your DISH Authorized Retailer
Satellite Solutions Network, Inc. | Check out Jadeworld on DISH

What To Watch on Jadeworld on DISH

· TVB1 – TVB1 is a Cantonese-language variety channel. It features the best in popular dramas with same-day broadcasting from Hong Kong. It also features news programs (including headlines and finance from the US, China, and the World), lifestyle/travel programs, and talk shows.

· TVB2 – TVB2 expands upon Jadeworld’s TVB1 programming by providing the best in news and drama with several additional programming features. Some of these include Cantonese children’s programming, popular music, and comedy shows.

· TVBe – This Jadeworld channel is your hub for Cantonese-language entertainment and current events. It features the best in news and entertainment news, including original drama series, music, and celebrity interviews. It also features more Cantonese lifestyle programming, such as health, travel, and food.

· TVBS – TVBS is a favorite among Taiwanese viewers that offers special, in-depth news features and programs such as talk shows and the popular News Night Club, which centers on current political and economic issues that Taiwan faces. It also features a variety of entertainment program, including popular dramas, music, and news and information about your favorite celebrities.

· CCTV 4 – CCTV 4 is a well-known Mandarin-language channel that provides a wide range of family entertainment. Featured programming includes regular news from the US and the world, drama and variety shows, sports, children’s programs, and much more.

Order Jadeworld from DISH

Cable companies won’t offer Jadeworld or similar packages, making DISH the premier provider of this extensive collection of Cantonese channels. The Jadeworld package from DISH is $29.99 per month. This provides the best in Cantonese entertainment as well as popular channels from all over China and Southeast Asia that feature news, entertainment, family programming and more.


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