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DISH Now Offers Pac-12 Networks

Updated on October 22, 2012

On September 8, 2012, DISH announced that they would carry the brand new and much anticipated Pac-12 networks. DISH is currently the only satellite provider to offer Pac-12 and has signed a deal for exclusive sponsorship of Pac-12 sports. The Pac-12 networks DISH acquired include a national network and 6 regional networks:

· Pac-12 Los Angeles (USC and UCLA)

· Pac-12 Washington (Washington and Washington State)

· Pac-12 Oregon (Oregon and Oregon State)

· Pac-12 Bay Area (Stanford and Cal)

· Pac-12 Arizona (Arizona and Arizona State)

· Pac-12 Mountain (Utah and Colorado)

What's on Pac-12 Networks?

The Pac-12 networks feature 24 hour access to Pac-12 team games and coverage 7 days a week. Hosts, announcers, analysts, and reporters feature former college and professional athletes as well as talents from big-name news and sports networks, such as Summer Sanders, Curtis Conway, and Bill Walton.

How many games can I watch on Pac-12 Networks?

This season’s programming features 35 football games (including the best matchups from top-ranked Pac-12 teams), 140+ men’s basketball games, and Olympic sporting event championship. Aside from games, Pac-12 will broadcast exclusive shows such as Pac-12 Live and Pac-12 Playbook that feature highlights, replays, recaps, and coach discussion.

Can I watch Pac-12 Networks online?

DISH customers who subscribe to Pac-12 Networks can also access streaming content from their PCs, iPads, and mobile devices with Pac-12 Now, the TV Everywhere app for Pac-12 Networks. The app features extra content including 800 live events.

How can I get Pac-12 Networks with DISH?

Pac-12 Networks are included in the America’s Top 120 package for customers with service in states that are home to a Pac-12 school. They’re available to all customers outside of the area in the Multi-Sports Pack for $9 per month.

Are you excited that DISH now offers the new Pac-12 Networks?

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If you don't have DISH yet, we can help.

New customers are eligible for free upgrades, including free Hopper and Joey setups and free HD for life. Check out our website for more information on current DISH promotions, then sign up and start watching Pac-12 Networks as early as tomorrow.

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