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DISH’s AMC Slot Replaced by New AXS TV (Formerly HDNet)

Updated on October 22, 2012

After dropping AMC from its lineup upon contract expiration on June 30th, 2012, DISH filled its channel 130 slot with HDNet, an all-HD entertainment variety channel that previously resided on channel 362. However, HDNet has recently undergone a change itself and will now be known by a new name: AXS TV (pronounced “access”).

What is AXS TV?

AXS TV is a partnership that includes Mark Cuban (HDNet owner), AEG, Ryan Seacrest Media, and Creative Arts Agency. According to a Los Angeles Times article, the brand-new AXS TV plans to eventually become “the CNN of entertainment and pop culture.” While the programming will be changing, though, it will be gradual. Viewers won’t notice a difference for at least a few weeks, at which point the transition will be slow, as AXS TV will offer only several hours of its own programming per week initially while it looks to hire live TV hosts.

MMA Programming on AXS TV

Because HDNet is known among much of its regular audience for its expansive coverage of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) programming, concern has been expressed by some fans of the sport that they might no longer be able to watch it on AXS TV. However, officials have promised that viewers will still have access to their favorite MMA shows, including “Inside MMA” and “HDNet Fights.”

Changes from HDNet to AXS TV

Some of the earliest changes to the channel are expected to be the removal of sexually explicit programming such as “Girls Gone Wild” and the addition of more live concerts. Concerts, along with other music- and celebrity-related programming such as awards shows, behind-the-scenes looks, and interviews, will likely eventually comprise the majority of AXS TV programming, but a time frame in which these major changes will take place is still unclear.

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