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DIY Guitar Kits

Updated on February 11, 2013

The DIY Kit I Chose

The DIY Kit I Chose
The DIY Kit I Chose | Source

DIY Guitar Kits

To anyone who has ever enjoyed the sound a guitar makes when the correct notes are strummed at the correct tempo to form the correct chord with the correct strum pattern, knows just how great of an instrument the guitar is!

I personally have been playing bass guitar since I was about 15 I was taught by Jazz great Carlo Mombelli in his house in Melville, Johannesburg - I don't think though that he he ever thought I was going to be anything special, and if i'm being honest - i'm not. But I love the instrument!

I moved onto the 6 string guitar when I was about 18 and play it a lot more often now than I do the bass.

The guitar has always been fascinating to me and I was under the impression that its science was an art far beyond my comprehension. And I was wrong.

Only recently I stumbled upon a website in America which stocks guitar bodies, necks and different parts to complete your own assembly. I was immediately drawn to the idea of building my very own guitar with only the very basics done for me already ie marking frets, shaping head stock, shaping the body, etc etc. I wanted the process to be much like the model aero planes I used to build as a kid - they supply the parts, I put it together. And that is what much of the project was to be.

As much as I liked the idea - it proved too costly to import the kit in from the USA as I live in South Africa. A simple Google search led me to a site that I couldn't believe I hadn't found earlier called Blackbeards Den, based in Johannesburg. They seemed to stock a very similar product to the ones id found internationally only they sell a completed kit without the option to change certain parts for others.

What I liked about this local supplier I happened to stumble upon was that they also offered the option to have the body and neck of the guitar airbrushed with custom artwork to make it completely original. The artwork of previous guitars they had done looked amazing!

But of course with an online platform you don't have the opportunity to feel and touch which I so badly wanted to do before purchasing... But regardless I went ahead and ordered myself a telecaster replica without the custom artwork option. I had decided to paint the guitar myself.

The quality of the wood was beyond my expectations even if the parts did lack slightly in quality. The way I saw it was I paid the base price, got a great body and neck and base components which could always be upgraded at a later stage, should I choose to.

Assembling the DIY guitar was the most fun - I found myself watching the second hands on the clock a work counting down until I could finally arrive home and complete a segment of the guitar. I sprayed the body black with a brown scratch plate.

It took me about 2 weeks to complete the project. I took it to a local electrical shop for help with the components.

The first time I plugged it into my amp i had almost convinced myself it wasn't going to make a sound but o what a beautiful sound it made! I might not have been the most beautiful of guitars because my spray paint skills were lagging and I was in a rush, but I can definitely say that I have acquired a wealth of knowledge by building my very own guitar that I might not have any other way and I will definitely e purchase more kits as time goes by.

Its one thing to have a guitar collection, but its another to be able to say 'I built them'. Thank you Blackbeards Den (-;


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    • profile image

      Diana 3 years ago

      Anastasia Grummel - As always beufaitul work!!!!! I love the Graffiti engagement shoot. And the sunshine shoot, so wonderful! God has truly blessed you with talent. Keep up the good work. Ana

    • Swaartbaard profile image

      Dean Blackbeard 5 years ago from Johannesburg

      Thanks DIYmommy (-; Hubpages is awesome! So happy with this gem-of-a-find

    • DIYmommy profile image

      Julie 5 years ago

      Great way to make your entry into HubPages with this hub! I just joined not too long ago. I look forward to reading more of your writing! -- DIYmommy