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So what's DJ Lance Rock & Yo Gabba Gabba's Secret?

Updated on November 20, 2015

DJ Lance Rock's global charm

DJ Lance Rock has delighted millions of children all over the world.
DJ Lance Rock has delighted millions of children all over the world.

Music Appreciation 001

A recent lengthy visit with a friend proved to be an unforgettable and uplifting experience. Having never spent much time captivated by television programming and having lived well beyond the years of young motherhood, with this visit I found I couldn't escape the regular routine of one particular toddler. Each day at approximately the same time lively sound waves traveled the hallway from the main room invading my solitude and peace of mind. I'd find myself drawn repeatedly with wonder and curiosity toward the loud, resounding vibrations and steady tempo. What was this upbeat noise that so captivated such a young toddler?

My first experience in watching the lively main character on the television had been one of surprise and wonder. This image on the screen commanding and nearly demanding my attention was a tall, thin African American male fitted tightly in a costume designed almost completely with vivid, bright orange colors. His costume could be adequately described as a skin-tight, vibrant orange body suit. Yellow and white stripes trim the shirt–– those and a white, or yellow collar and white cuffs of the sleeves are the complimenting features for the orange or white sneakers. The costume pants are separated from its top with a white belt with a metal buckle that spells the word, "ROCK." With white trim outlining the outward sides of each pants leg, the costume is finished at the floor level with the orange sneakers. Adorned atop this man's head was an orange, furry looking ushanka style hat. On the front of the hat just above this man's right eye and nestled in the hat's orange fur was a bright gold star highlighted by its placement on a silver star-shaped background. Large charcoal colored glasses indicate a need for assistance with his natural vision.

Besides being so utterly orange, this lively image of a man seems to have superhuman powers–– powers that can bring curious looking doll figurines to life. At the beginning of the show the lifeless figures are placed carefully in a line beneath DJ Lance Rock's stage. Each unique doll has its own color and characteristics and the show begins with a large DJ Lance Rock standing up above the stage towering above the little figures with his flashy boom box radio. The music and figures miraculously come alive.

DJ Lance Rock's show is Yo Gabba Gabba, and one thing is for certain–– once uplifted by the lively songs and dancing on the show you'll want to watch it again. The show provides for happiness and an upbeat feeling for all viewers all around the world.

DJ Lance Rock's secret is in the lively characters, uplifting and colorful set and electrifying music in his show. The overall message Yo Gabba Gabba, is one of good will and kindness to all creatures.

Dancing for Toddlers 001











Besides DJ Lance Rock, five main characters make the show.

The figures are uniquely different, and this difference seems to match one of the show's main themes–– that we're all different and it's just fine for us to be that way. Each day the show has a different theme whether about liking bugs, or about baby teeth, about friends, or about food. Packed with plenty of excitement, the music and dancing is captivating and almost addictive. I found that memories of the songs and their lyrics would linger in my mind for a few days after a show. DJ Lance Rock's show was exhilarating but I couldn't quite put my finger on the pleasant endorphins that had been activated.

My little toddler friend was at his happiest with Yo Gabba Gabba. It didn't matter how many times he'd watched a recording of the same show–– that and a little bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios as a snack was plenty of happiness to end the afternoon.

His most delightful character was Brobee, and I wondered whether it was because Brobee has the ability to be happy or sad. When he is sad, his mouth curves downward which is a complete change from his usual happy self. Brobee's appearance is similar to a bee, with two tones of green stripes wrapping around his body. His arms are too long for his body which makes him doubly different. Three orange points top his head to form a kind of crown.

Plex is the yellow robot character that has a special zapping power where he can make images appear and disappear from the stage. Plex has a rounded body and his build stimulates a memory of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. He has three antennas on his head, one for each ear and the one at the top of his head is used as the zapper.

Muno is the one-eyed red cyclops whose shape brings to mind a gumby character or cactus. He has bumps covering his body and he's the tallest of the characters. His distinguishing characteristic is the one eye in the middle of his head. Definitely different, he sometimes has a family with him in the show.

Toodee is a cool blue cat whose coat has a lighter shade of blue at her chest and cheeks. She lives in the arctic and she bonds at times with Plex. She sings and dances and has a personality all her own. She, like her friend Foofa, is always happy.

Foofa is a beautiful rounded flower designed with two shades of pink she has long eyelashes, a happy smile and a flower on her head. Perpetually happy she dances along with the rest of the characters.

DJ Lance Rock and the Yo Gabba Gabba show is about dancing, learning, understanding, exploring and being happy. With uplifting music and a series of stories with each show, there isn't a boring moment. Each show has Mark's Magic Pictures segment where Mark, the artist draws a stick drawing that comes alive and often moves outside of its frame. Guests are brought in and featured with their very special cool tricks. It has several regular features and each one adds interest and diversity to the show's message.

DJ Lance Rock ~ LIVE!

Lance Robertson, aka "DJ Lance Rock" is actually a Los Angeles musician. Lance is also a DJ and actor. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri he started his career as a record store owner and vocalist for a local band in the 1990s. Relocating from St. Louis to Los Angeles, he worked for Amoeba Records as a day job. Through his band The Raymakers he met Scott Schultz who was involved with creating the show, Yo Gabba Gabba. It was through this meeting that Lance Robertson was asked to be the host of the show. Today Lance tours with the Aquabats, the show's band performing around the country and dancing with his cast of characters. Members of the Aquabats contribute to the show in various ways. Yo Gabba Gabba is written, directed and co-produced by Christian Jacobs, the MC Bat Commander of the Aquabats.

Always smiling, the show begins another happy performance.

In this video the evolution of DJ Lance Rock is shown on screen at one of Yo Gabba Gabba's live shows. Here he's seen being transformed from a normal human being to the electric orange character–– the super human achiever he has become. Besides being a celebrity in the United States, he's known to millions of children throughout the world, in countries including Ireland, Italy, France, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom where the show Yo Gabba Gabba delights children of many cultures.


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    • michabelle profile image

      michabelle 5 years ago

      Hello, ytsenoh. DJ Lance Rock is fun to watch. I think he moves more than just toddlers. Thank you for your visit.

    • ytsenoh profile image

      Cathy 5 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri

      Well, see, I learned something new from your hub. I did not know DJ Lance Rock was originally from St. Louis, MO. This show is popular in my household. Thanks much for sharing your information. It is interesting how stimulated children are in watching this show. It is very positive, indeed.