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The DJs Who Pulled The Prank On The English Nurse - Who Then Committed Suicide - Should Not Be Punished By The Law...

Updated on December 11, 2012

The DJs Who Pulled The Prank On The English Nurse - Who Then Committed Suicide - Should Not Be Punished By The Law...

I am probably going to take a lot of flak because I do not think that the Australian DJs who ‘pranked’ the English nurse… by gleaning information on the newly pregnant princess, which, then, supposedly, resulted in the nurse’s suicide, should be subjected to any criminal prosecution. In listening to the News, we are told that, apparently, the DJs could face up to five years in prison… but I think the outrage from the public is enough of a punishment for the DJs, especially now that their show is off the air. Look at what Saturday-Night-Live has been doing in America since the Seventies… acidly scathing celebrities and politicians alike... which can be so brutal that it could have resulted in a spate of suicides… let us not even discuss what Howard Stern has done over the years. I know we have the latitude to mercilessly heckle our fellow citizens here because of our Constitution’s First Amendment, but believe it or not the Brits have more latitude because one only has to look at what their tabloids get away with there.

I do not put much credence into Freudian Psychology, but no doubt there was something seriously wrong with that nurse who committed suicide on account of the DJs’ prank. I think what the DJs did was wrong, but to warrant killing one self… and leaving a husband and two children - something does not compute! If those Australian DJs are worthy of jail time, what of many of the present and past cast members of Saturday-Night-Live… Chevy Chase and Bill Murray should at least be serving lifetimes in Sing Sing. I guarantee you that since the demise of that nurse, there have been countless, scathing jokes told at the expense of many; one can only surmise how Lindsay Lohan or Tiger Woods survived, especially when the latter was going through his marital woes... in that same vein, President Bush, the younger, and Governor Sarah Palin should be 'basket cases' in light of the shellacking they have taken for their politics. It is difficult not to feel empathy for the nurse and the family she left behind and that it is why it is academic when we can readily point our accusatory fingers at the DJs for redress - but if we are honest, though we found the prank disgusting, we do not think that the prank warrants jail time, again, notwithstanding the nurse’s suicide. Incidentally, I bet you that some of us who are now being Draconian on the fate of the DJs were laughing at their prank in the interim before the nurse took her life….

I cannot make the decision as to when some comedian or DJs’ prank goes to far - but I supposed it is like what Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said about porn: “I’ll know when I see it.” As a man, for most of us, we know that mothers and wives are off-limit when we are ‘cracking’ on each other, but even knowing the parameters… things sometimes get out of hand. The Australian DJs are paying the price by losing their show and it is nothing compare to someone’s life… but I cannot call for such drastic punishment when I know that there are far worse pranks pulled here and even there in jolly-old-England - for God sakes, this is the country that gave us Monty Python and Benny Hill. The punishment for DJs and comedians who go too far in their routines is lost of jobs via ratings or revenues when the advertisers are pulled - but jail time? No one is more worthy of jail time than many of the bullies in our schools, but it is difficult to prosecute those cases because of the bullies' ages and that pesky First Amendment, notwithstanding the check of not crying fire in a crowded theatre. I do not want to come off callous in blaming the nurse who committed suicide, but as I said earlier… there must be something else in addition to the DJs’ prank that drove her to take her own life and leaving a husband and two children....


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    • whizzer profile image

      whizzer 5 years ago from Ireland

      You may be right about the nurse having other pre-existing problems but that prank was most certainly the trigger for her suicide.

      I'm quite sure that the two presenters feel regret for what they did and of course would never have done it at all if they had any inkling of what would happen. I'm sure they are mentally punishing themselves constantly and they'll have to live with that for a long time.

      A great pity that all of this happened and I feel very much for the nurse's family. I think that probably public attitude towards the presenters and the loss of their jobs is enough punishment for anybody to live with. Maybe a lesson will be learned about not messing with people that you don't know and who may react in a way you didn't expect.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 5 years ago from New York

      Well put - I cannot add anything to your respective positions....

    • Lorne Hemmerling profile image

      Lorne Hemmerling 5 years ago from Oshawa

      I agree, she must of had more problems than that to take her own life.

    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 5 years ago

      I agree there must've been something else to the situation. I too believe the nurse is the one responsible for her own actions.

      (Oh my, you mentioned Benny Hill..........what a perverted character! I can't see how he ever got aired in England, nor especially in the U.S.!)

      But although I don't think the DJs are responsible for the nurse's death, I do believe the DJs' responsibility is something more than what the First Amendment covers. ......They (or one of them) actually impersonated someone else (yes, over the phone only of course, but still I think that they should be punishable legally for that.)