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Donald Trump Has New Clones, and They're All Naked

Updated on August 19, 2016

"The emperor has no balls" -- a plaque reads at the foot of each and every naked Trump statue that's appeared in public. Five in total have showed up in San Francisco, Cleveland, New York, and Los Angeles. Sadly, the one in Manhattan has already been removed, probably to art collective INDECLINE's disappointment. (No news of the other statues' removal have surfaced yet.)

The group's project has been planned for at least four months, and is reportedly inspired by 'The Emperor's New Clothes,' an expression taken from Hans Christian Andersen's story; talking about an emperor who wore fine clothes and spent the money of all those he ruled on them.

Also, the man behind the making of these statues, allegedly called 'Ginger,' once considered voting for the Republican nominee -- until he made fun of a handicapped reporter, that is. Ginger added that he had some family members and relatives who were also disabled, and that he was "in such a rage."

Well, here's to hoping we don't have nightmares tonight.


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