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DRG Movie Rap

Updated on April 18, 2015
Hip Hop Lyricist
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The Movie Rap Lyrics

Hello everyone, as I reintroduce myself to the world. I have been on Hubpages for years but my activity has been very minimal. I have been really busy working many trades to better the lives of many people. I said introduce myself because to you I am the author of my hubs but I am also a hip hop lyricist and the two have never been one. I am a jack of all trades but my biggest passion has been music from the start. This HUB is about lyrics to a hip hop song that I did years ago telling a story using all movie titles. At that time being, I was a different person and younger nonetheless. Many people have heard the song but I never published it and thought Hubpages would be a great platform to publish it. I furnish this with hip hop in mind and I think it was one my best.

This is for your entertainment and I ask you How Many Movie Did I Name?


As i take you on a New Jersey drive, how high? Half baked

with an 8mm for the enemies at the gates on a rat a rat race

It's my lethal weapon that';; bring Armageddon

as I bang out for 15-44 minutes but I'll be gone in 60 seconds

You can scream as loud as Mr. Bean on Halloween, which is like a nightmare on Elm Street

because Friday turns in to next Friday then Friday after the next is Friday the 13th

I'm no longer the Grinch that stole Christmas, I'm the last boyscout with a basic instinct

Blood in, blood out with no rules of engagement

because they said "It's 300 to 3000 miles to Graceland"

but it's a 8 mile road to a king pin which is my final destination

and jeepers creepers, I reloaded the matrix

True lies, I ate a slice of an American pie because tomorrow never dies

With 6 heads in a duffel bag, let's take a joyride

Your the candy cane but I'm the candy man and a top gun

And I know some boys in the hood that keep a stash in their air force one

And they that white men can't jump but my Scooby Doo

Night of the living dead you can now scream too

It's as easy as putting a man on the moon

I'm a domestic disturbance

What's the worst that can happen? TURBULENCE!

It's apocalypse now due to the seven deadly sins

It's pulp fiction how they want to roll like critters and multiply like gremlins

My pretty woman, she married to the mob

I took her to the monsters ball after we did the Italian job

She with me jackass, dumb & dumber

and my six sense knows what you did last summer

The effing with a black sheep, unfaithful to four holes

that's eight legged freaks

I flow like Ali, play you like Jumanji

I'm above the rim, they say I'm the full Monty.

I did not want to capitalize or indent the movies to see if people would guess how many movies are in this rap?

My music is free and my music page on FB is DRG FB

Check out my videos on Youtube - Watch Freedom, the video by DRG


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