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DVD Cards - A New Entertainment Collectible??

Updated on March 19, 2011

What is a DVD Card??

Collectibles or just some Oddball???

Today, I was at a baseball card show when one of the dealers who had some non-sport cards pulled out 2 huge stacks of what he called DVD cards.

I was intrigued,

I'm not a non-sports card guy. Granted, I broke about a case of NKOTB packs for a hub a few months back - and I'll readily admit to buying/selling a lot of the Disney/Nicktoons related stuff that has come out the past few years. However, I've been collecting cards for over 30 years and non-sport just isn't my thing. I DO however, remember reading about how collectible the old movie lobby cards are and I can't help wondering if this isn't this generations version of the lobby card.

These cards are put on shelves in retail stores for display purposes in place of the real item, so that the new items can't be stolen. Then, I assume, when the store is sold out of the DVD, they toss these cards into the trash. I have to say, these cards are gorgeous. They are printed on a heavy card stock, have nice rounded corners and they measure 5.5 by 8 inches so they are fairly large. They cover the full spectrum of DVD releases as well so you should be able to find what you like. Despite the fact that this dealer had over 100 of these cards I only bought 3 different ones: Twilight is shown at the top of this hub for obvious reasons. The fan-base is huge and the card should sell easily on eBay.

2nd DVD Card - STAR TREK

Well... duh!!

I will admit to being a bit of a fanboy.  I love my science fiction and fantasy shows and movies as well as comic books and sports cards.  But this really isn't a tough one to figure out.  Star Trek and Star Wars are the two most collectible television and movie franchises of all time (on a pure collectible standpoint - current favorites like Harry Potter aren't even close).  Anything Star Trek sells to it's legion of trekkies, trekkers, trek-geeks or whatever you (or they) want to call them.  Star Trek fans love anything Trek and this kind of item - which is hard to find - should also move well. 

Another No-Brainer - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - This is It

Since his untimely death, Michael Jackson collectibles and music have been selling better than they have in 25 years. This particular card is striking and gorgeous. Jackson probably isn't on many cards either. I thought this was a no-brainer really so I bought a few of them.


There were many others - some might go over well (Jennifer's Body - while an awful movie - the card pictures the beautiful Megan Fox) while others absolutely wouldn't (Land of the lost). I'm not sure if they will sell but they do look really good and I think they will make great additions to any fans collection. If these move, I'll look into picking more of them up - if I can ever find that card dealer again.


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