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Movie Review - The Mummy (1999)

Updated on September 23, 2009

Sand In The Ears

The joys of re-watching my favorite movies. The Mummy is in my classic collection. Meaning it’s one of those movies that I can watch any time that will take me away from where I am (which sometimes sucks). And it’s fun. By the way no movie is perfect, least of all this one. How can you not love it? Action, advenuture, romance, mystery and magic. Handsome heroes, damsels in distress and single minded villians.

The Mummy, based more closely on the original version as played by Boris Karloff, doesn't have some strange creature wrapped in torn up sheets killing everything

Action Eye Candy
Action Eye Candy

Brendan Fraiser is not a classically handsome man. His forehead is too low, his lips are too full but I put him on my hunk factor list. You know great body and that charming smile that transforms him. His character of Rick O’Connell is great. He’s a scoundrel, a thief, unprincipled while at the same time he’s loyal, observant and practical.

Rachel Weisz has no profile. Come on; look at any side view of her. But she’s got such an adorable smile. Evelyn Carnahan is a feminist in a time where feminists didn’t have a foothold. This is especially true in an Arabic country in the 20s and 30s, or any other country for that matter. Her priorities are rather different than the average woman of her time. After the boat sinks the loss of her clothes were on the bottom of the list below tools and equipment. She’s bright, strong willed, well read with more than her share of stubborn foolishness.

Case in point: “It’s just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book.”

I like the development of the relationship between Evelyn and Rick. I like how he actually listens to her. The gift of archeological tools (borrowed from his American brethren) showed that he understood what she would consider a gift. He quickly earns her trust and they soon work as a team. There is a natural chemistry between them that make them seem like an old married couple even when they argue. On the other hand there is a limit on how much he will accept, especially when it comes to her safety.

John Hannah as Evelyn’s brother Jonathan Carnahan was a real treat. The first impression is that of someone who is unreliable, selfish and all the wasteful things that annoy upstanding citizens. But I found subtle things that redeem him. He may drive his sister nuts but he loves her and though reluctant he still steps up to the plate. For example: When the boat is on fire, the very first place he goes is to look for his sister. He willingly follows Rick to save her. Even the relationship between Jonathan and Rick evolves. Like I said, it’s all little things. After the plane crashes and starts to sink Jonathan actually pauses to grab at Rick to pull him back.

Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep was a great choice. Considering that he doesn’t speak a word of English throughout the entire movie he carries off the ‘ancient Egyptian’ with a natural rhythm. A lot of people would have come off stilted as they are speaking phonetically. Imhotep has to be given credit for having a strong will. I mean if I was cursed I would have gone complete nutso in a very short amount of time. But no, he sticks to his purpose. Save the girlfriend and rule the world.

Just a gorgeous picture of the ancient egyptian sets used in the film.
Just a gorgeous picture of the ancient egyptian sets used in the film.

 I love the story over all. For the naysayers about historical inaccuracies I say to you… this is fiction not a documentary. Of course the Medjai weren’t too bright in my opinion. There had to be something other than the Hom dai to deal with the crime. They essentially bought themselves an eternity of being wardens. Not the brightest move in my opinion. Of course if he had some kind of magic (which the movie assumes exists) it may have been the only way to contain him in life and the afterlife. It’s something to think on.


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    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      One thing didn't make sense in this movie. Okay, more than one thing but I can't figure out how buring a man alive would make him into a powerful monster if he was "Awakened." Also, how come an Egyptain preist would bring back the plagues of a Hebrew God? I am just saying. Still an awesome, fun movie.