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DVD Review: Ch:os:en

Updated on May 14, 2013

Well it was a Tuesday morning and i had a day off from work, I decided to hit up the local Redbox kiosk and pick up a few movies to watch. I grabbed a movie called CH:OS:EN. It stars Milo Ventimiglia from the tv series Heroes fame. I figured this movie would be okay. I knew it was an original movie from Crackle. What i found out when i got home was that CH:OS:EN is actually a tv series by Crackle. It's first season was six episodes long with each episode about 23 mins. The DVD I picked up is the whole first season played like a movie.

The plot of the series is pretty simple Ian Mitchell played by Milo Ventimiglia is a lawyer who helps out scumbags. He is having problem with his soon to be ex-wife and then it really starts to get bad. He receives a box with a picture and a gun. Then shots rang out. After finding out he has till the date and time on that picture to kill the target or face the Watchers. Over the course of this movie he will meet a few other people who are caught up in this nightmare. The question is what would you do?

A nice cast is brought together for this TV series. Besides Milo the show stars Nicky Whelan(Hall Pass, Scrubs), Caitlin Carmichael, Diedrich Bader(The Drew Carey Show) and Brett Davern(Awkard). The show was released on Crackle on January 17, 2013 , all six episodes were available at one time. On March 25, 2013 Crackle announced they would bring show back for a second season.

I thought it was a pretty good show. I liked how Crackle released it on DVD as a movie. It played great as a movie. Milo was great in the show as the main guy. I would be freaked out if this happened to me. I would give this DVD a seven even though it is a TV series. You could watch this and never know it was a TV series. I will be on the lookout for season two of this series.

A movie that receives a score of 1-2 is basically a bad movie an i wouldn't waste my time watching it. A movie scoring 3-4 is a movie that had a very few moments that you didn't fell like turning the movie off. Getting a score of 5-6 states that a movie is okay. A score of 7-8 means the movie is pretty good an you will probably watch it again an might even add it to your DVD collection. A score of 9 means it is a great movie that needs to be a must see for everyone. Also, you need to add it to your dvd collection. A movie that gets a 10 is an instant classic. This will not happen that much an if it does then that movie must be any serious movie watchers DVD collection.


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