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DWTS -- Guilty Pleasure Night

Updated on April 25, 2011

More Like Fright Night

When I think of songs that are "guilty pleasures" half the songs they used tonight weren't any of them. My idea of guilty pleasures are songs from Rocky Horror and The Monkees. Maybe next they'll do PMS Night and have songs where women singing them seem a bit cranky. You could have Katey Perry's "Hot and Cold", Pink's "So What", and Cary Simon's "He's So Vain."

I guess my guilty pleasure is taking potshots at Brooke Burke. To be fair she was dressed nicely tonight and her hair looked nice. It isn't her fault that she's just not suited for the job she's been given. You need someone whose a natural like Melissa Rycroft. 

But truly, there were elements of the evening that were frightful. Like hearing DWTS is going to be on for two hours tomorrow night and Bristol Palin would be on the show. That's frightening. Then you had the Hanson's singing throughout tonight's episode. 

Dancing-wise, Kirstie had a comeback. She was faltering and seems to be back in the game. Chris had a set-back. The tango isn't his dance. Kirstie's bad luck has seemed to rub off on Ralph. I know Romeo's waltz was lauded, but there was a part of the dance he wasn't making any eye contact with Chelsie and I think it threw off the intimacy of the dance they seemed to be going for. I thought Mark and his props were a bit awkward in his and Chelsea's dance. Him and his props. Remember when he had Bristol in a gorilla mask that messed up her dance.

As things stand at the moment, I think the final two dancers are going to be Chelsie/Romeo and Chelsea and Mark. Then everyone can predict Chelsie[a] will win and depending on how you spell the name, will depend of whether you're right or wrong.


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