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DWTS -- Guilty Pleasure Week's Results

Updated on April 27, 2011

One Mistake And It Can Cost You

Okay, I watched the hour special, which was just the judges giving their opinions on the dancers strengths with former celebs weighing in. I actually enjoyed it more than the actual result show.

I told myself I would take no more potshots at Brooke Burke. It's not nice, then the minute she starts interviewing some of the celebs and I'm like, "What the heck is she wearing on her feet?" First off, the color didn't go for the dress and I like attractive looking shoes and those were just not attractive. Then the dress I initially thought was nice. It had some weird sort of shoulder pad thing that ruined the look. And her hair doesn't look good straight. Yes, I'm horrible, but so is she when it comes to interviewing people.

Music guest was NKONB and BSB meshed together into one group. This is how much I know about boy bands. I was looking at the members wondering if Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone were amongst them, then I realized that they're in NSYNC. But really one boy band is kind of the same as the next as far as I'm concerned.

Encore dance went to Kendra and Louis. I will hand it to the judges, they're not basing who gets the encore dance on the scoreboard. I think that's nice. For awhile there I wondered if it was because they know Kendra and Louis were the next to get the boot. It was a great dance. They deserved the encore dance. I'm surprised they weren't scored higher than they were. I enjoyed their dance more than Romeo's and he got top scores.

The Macy Stars of Dance was dedicated to the upcoming Royal Wedding. We fought a war and ran to another country to get away from the british monarchy and now we're obsessed by this wedding to the point there is going to be nothing on TV as it's taken over for a royal wedding. Thankfully, I have a lot of videos and DVD's to watch. With the state our economy hearing how much their forking out for this wedding is kind of disgusting. But that's what the monarchy is based on. One family having all the riches to spend as they please.

Back to the dance. It featured two children, who apparently grow up and are still together, and they're still together when they're both old. It was nice to see two older people dancing and not having to ham it up. It was a very nice piece.

We also had Pia Toscano singing while Mark and Karina danced. She has a nice voice, but her performance was kind of boring. She basically just stood there and sang into the microphone.

They had two filler pieces and both were pretty blah. We heard from the DWTS dance troupe about how they prepare for a performance. Talk about wasting money. The pros have done the dances by themselves without needing these six dipsticks, so why do they need them now? And this from the network that cancelled two soaps because of money issues. How about saving the money on these unnecessary additions and fork out the money to pay the rights to play the actual the dancers are dancing to. I'm sorry, but whoever was singing Livin' La Vida Loca did a horrible job. The only person that can sing that song right is Ricky Martin.

The two dance teams that were in the bottom two were: Chris and Cheryl and Ralph and Karina. Both these teams made mistakes in their dances. Chris and Cheryl are eliminated and Chris says he's looking forward to being a daddy again. Sad to see Chris go. I thought he had what it took to make it to the end.

Next week things start getting amped up as teams have to learn two dances a week. It'll be interesting to see who sinks and who continues to swim.

One last note, are the celebs told in advance that they're going home? I ask, because in Chris' goodbye package they had him and Cheryl talking about this experience on the show  in the past tense, as if he'd been told before the live results were read that it was his turn to go home. It makes you wonder if all the supposedly tense worrying if you're the one going home is just a put-up job for the viewers. If you're told on the live show you're going home, how could you and your dance partner tape interviews talking in the past tense about being on the show? 


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