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DWTS -- Insta-Dance Results

Updated on May 13, 2011

Was it Ralph or Romeo?

What can I say about the hour before the results show? It's an hour of my life I won't get back. Didn't care for the music numbers they repeated and noticed most of the repeat dances either featured Derek Hough or Mark Ballas. Maybe's Ballas' ruffled ego feathers have been soothed by that fact.

Kirstie and Maks got the encore dance and I think they deserved it. Their dance and Ralph's were my two favorite from the previous night. I figured the judges picked the dance because they wanted to give her the encore before she was eliminated. And maybe that's what they thought was going to happen. But lo and behold, Kirstie was safe and made it into the final four. So did Ralph, Hine and Chelsea.

I thought Romeo was the right person to go home. His dance wasn't that good. I really didn't care for it. I thought he lost his footing once and he seemed to be losing steam. The reason Romeo lost his footing could be blamed on the show and those green lights flashing all over the place It was very distracting to watch the dance and I imagine it was worse having to dance in that.

Michael Bolton came to sing a song. I didn't really care for it. I would have loved if he'd sung, "Jack Sparrow", That song is just hilarious. I don't know which costume Bolton wore in the vid that was more funny. The Captain Jack Sparrow costume or the Erin Brockovich one or the gangster one where he had cocaine all over his face. I swear, I thought for a second he was dressing up as Sarah Jessica Parker. Maybe if SJP doesn't want to do another Sex In The City movie, they could get Bolton to play Carrie.

They had another tearjerker segment of how someone had to struggle to dance. I think it's DWTS attempt to be like Idol Gives Back. It was these three brothers.

The best segment of the season was Dance Center. First time one of their filler pieces made me laugh. Jerry Rice licking the lollipop trying to prove that, he too, was sex on a stick. 

Would have rather seen Tony dancing with Anna instead of Dmitry. 

So as we go into the semi-finals we've got Mark and Chelsea, Hines and Kym, Kirstie and Maks and Ralph and Karina. Can Ballas lasso his ego long enough to win the mirror ball trophy? Can Kirstie continue to up her game? Will Ralph's injury cause him more trouble? Or will Kym pull off another win?


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