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DWTS -- Results -- American Week

Updated on April 20, 2011

We get right down to it at the start of the show. Kym and Hines and Maks and Kirstie are put under the red light and Kym and Hines are told they are safe. Maks and Kirstie are in danger.

The encore dance doesn't go to top scorer, Hines and Kym, the judges give it to Romeo and Chelsie. It's a nice dance. A slice of old Hollywood glamour.

Toby Keith things, "Should Have Been A Cowboy." Maks and Lacey dance with the waste of money dance troupe. Would have been better if the six idiots hadn't been dancing and it had been just Maks and Lacey. The DWTS Dance Troupe reminds me of when The Love Boat added the Mermaids. Neither show needed them and they added nothing to the show.

Brooke is backstage torturing Chelsea and Mark, Chelsie and Romeo and Cheryl and Chris with her inane questions. At one point Romeo starts doing what sounds like a gangster voice and Chris starts doing his Len voice and they totally ignore the Brookester. Then it's time to head out to the red light and hear if their safe or in jeopardy.

Chris and Cheryl are told they're in jeopardy, while the two Chelsea's are safe. Yes, I know they don't spell their names the same.

Brooke is back doing an intro all by herself. She starts talking about some contestants not taking it as a good as others when they get the boot. I thought she was talking about Wendy Williams who refused to do her final dance with Tony. It's actually just an intro to Psycho Mike and a video clip filler called: DWTS' Exposed.

Some of the clips includes Chelsie's bra falling off when she was dancing with Romeo in rehearsal. And Maks telling Kirstie he was dipped in sex. Len also said something dirty when Frick and Frack kept putting their fingers in his face at the judging table. The last two weeks old Len has looked like he's at the end of his rope having to sit next to Bruno.

We had more fun with Brooke when she and Tom were introducing The Macy's Stars of Dance. It took her four times to say the word choreographer.

Petra and Dmitry, Kendra and Louis and Ralph and Karina are the next dancers under the red light. The two K's Kendra and Karina are safe, which means Petra and Dmitry are in jeopardy.

Toby Keith is back to sing another song. American Soldier. This time Jonathan and Anna are dancing without the Solid Gold Dancers backing them up.

The next video clip filler piece is the judges giving their impression of the dancers. Didn't agree with half of what they said.

Now the moment we've all been waiting for. Maks and Kirstie are told first that they are safe. So it's down to Chris and Cheryl and Petra and Dmitry. Len says Double C and the Russian Connection shouldn't be in the bottom two. Me, I thought Petra's quick step wasn't that quick. Besides, I felt that Len was soft-pedaling with Petra all through the competition. 

Petra and Dmitry are eliminated. She says this show has changed her life. Dmitry says she's the nicest person he's ever met.

Then we hear it's another theme night next week. This time, Guilty Pleasures. Oh, god, when will it end. Until next week, ciao!


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