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DWTS Results Show

Updated on March 30, 2011

Week 1 Elimination Show

The first results show of the season begins with a dance number featuring some of the pros. It was choreographed by Maks. It's akin to the way So You Think You Can Dance usually started the show. It's also filler to take up time to drag this show out for an hour, when they could easily do it in a half hour.

Brooke's Wardrobe

I really have got to make a comment about this. Obviously the show listened to the fans complaining about Brooke Burke and her extremely low-cut gowns. They've responded in covering up her cleavage. Monday night was in a black dress with a high neck line that wasn't very attractive, and on the results show it was a white number, equally unattractive. The week before she was dressed in a black number that was so low-cut it looked like one of her boobs was going to pop out at any moment with some weird protruding circular black thing was stuck on the front. I don't know who is dressing this woman, but they need to hire somebody new.

The Three Athletes

Sounds almost like a music group, doesn't it? Hines and Kym and Chris and Cheryl are told that they are safe. Sugar Ray and Anna are left to hang on whether they're safe or not. I hate when they do that to a contestant. Someone on the TV Guide site claimed that DialIdol is predicting that Sugar Ray will be the first one to go. I guess we'll see if they're right in about fifty minutes. This is going to be a very long show.

Tonight's Musical Guest

Chris Brown has been invited on another ABC show to perform after to had a violent melt-down at Good Morning, America when asked about beating former girlfriend, Rhianna. It's amazing ABC has him on another of their shows after he vandalized their property. I remember when Adam Lambert went down on a man on a music awards show and ABC pretty much disdained and ostracized him. But Brown, who beat up a woman, showing he still has anger management issues, gets rewarded with another gig on ABC.

The Three Actors

Ralph and Karina, Kirstie and Maks and Chelsea and Mark are all safe from elimination. No one in that group is being left to hang the whole show to find out their fate. They, however, have to suffer a worst fate. They get to be interviewed by Brooke, as she asks them her usual inane questions.

The Cross-Show Promotion Moment Of The Night

Every week stars from another ABC are pointed out to be sitting in the audience watching the show. Tom will give their show a plug. It was two dudes from Shark Tank, a show I don't watch, so I have no clue who they are. I have wondered, though, are these stars from other shows there because they like DWTS or did ABC force them to be there to promote their show? I tend to think it's the latter.

The DWTS Dance Troupe

We get to meet six new dancers billed as the DWTS Dance Troupe. They introduce themselves and do a dance number that's pretty blah. Me, I'm wondering why this show even needs its own dance troupe. The pro dancers have always did dance numbers without needing some special troupe to do them, too. Just more filler.

Final 2 Men

Romeo and Chelsie are safe, while Lacey and Psycho Mike are not. They get the Sugar Ray treatment and are told they have to wait to learn their fate. On the bright side, no one has to be interviewed by Brooke.

Getting To Know You

Now it's time for the weekly fluff piece on the celebrity and/or pro dancer. It actually might have been less dull if they had been playing the song, "Getting To Know You," in the background. After what seems like forever it's finally over.

Chris Brown Returns

All I can say for this performance was it would be good on Halloween, only this isn't Halloween. The background dancers were wearing these lighted up costumes that made them look like skeletons. At this point I was chanting, "Come on, Brooke, go ask him about Rhianna." That way we could have killed two birds with one stone.

The Final Three Women

Kendra and Louis and Petra and Dmitry are safe. Wendy and Tony are not. So the bottom three are:

Sugar Ray and Anna

Psycho Mike and Lacey

Wendy and Tony

I know who I think should go home. Wendy Williams. I thought she was the worst dancer. The question is will she, or will her appearance on One Life To Live before Monday's show garner her enough votes to remain? I saw posters who didn't even see her Monday night dance declaring they were going to vote for her because they liked her on OLTL.

And the winner is...

Psycho Mike and Lacey get sent home. Mike seems like a fun guy. Loved his exit dance. DialIdol was wrong. Sugar Ray lives to dance another week, and so, unfortunately, does Wendy Williams.


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