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DWTS -- The Results -- Group Dance Week

Updated on May 4, 2011

And then there were five...

I was glad they did the encore show, since because this show insists on dragging out what should be an hour show into 90 minutes, I always miss the last thirty minutes, because I'm not going to miss The Event. So it was nice seeing what I missed on Monday. It was also nice seeing it without all the unnecessary filler they put in it to drag the show out for longer than it need be.

I was pretty tired last night, I'd gone to the doctor and had to have two shots, so when Brooke was talking to Romeo I was just sitting there a little confused. She told Romeo that Hines and Romeo got 10's. I'm sitting there wondering if she's talking about last week or something. Then I finally got it. She's calling Ralph Romeo when she's talking to Romeo. Well, you know that Ralph and Romeo look so much alike and their names both begin with R. Kudos to Romeo for not correcting her and making her look like a bigger fool than she already looked like.

I also got to see another fool making a fool out of themselves. That would be Mark Ballas. The guy has been out of control all season. Since golden boy Derek Hough isn't around, Marky-Mark is trying to prove he's the best choreographer on the show to the detriment of his celebrity partner. I was thrilled when ole Mark found his butt in the bottom three, all because he had a fit because he didn't get higher scores. Well, do the dance you're supposed to do, and you will. Keep trying to showcase yourself and show off and you'll continue getting low marks until you turn the audience off so much you get your butt eliminated.

All of the filler pieces left a lot to be desired. We had the bit about the ballet dancer, which was nice, but didn't really fit on this show. As I watched her ballet dancing I was wondering what show I was watching. Why can't this show just be what it's supposed to be and stop trying to be something it isn't.

I thought the tribute to James Brown was a nice idea, but much preferred last week's Macy's dance show. Didn't much care for Nicky Minaj or James Blunt's songs. And also found the one-on-one between pro and celeb enough to put you to sleep.

The minute Kendra was told she was in jeopardy, I knew the worst dancer wouldn't be going home, tonight. The bottom three were: Kendra and Louis, and a lot of people online can't stand Kendra. Kirstie and Maks, the genuine worst dance of the night. And Mark and Chelsea, because of his ugly personality. I said if Kendra was in the bottom three she would be going home, instead of Kirstie, who really earned the honor. Turned out I was right, although I would have been thrilled if it was Mark, instead. Kendra had started to get better. Maybe being in the bottom three will deflate Mark's over-inflated ego and he'll actually start doing the dances he's supposed to do.

Next week it's insta-dance. I guess that's what this show is now. One gimmicky week after another, instead of celebs starting off with easy dances and progressing to harder and harder dances with each passing week. 


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