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Dagny - daughter of two Norwegian musicians - debuts official video for single, "Backbeat"

Updated on January 1, 2018

Dagny (Profile Photo -Fb)


Dagny debuted her brand new “Backbeat”music video"

Back in the early summer of 2016, Dagny released her debut single-video for "Backbeat." This particular song took New York by storm. Supported by 'Republic Records,' Dagny became a popular, catchy artist with admirable parents (both musicians, Marit Sandvik and Øystein Norvoll).

The Line of Best Fit recommends her work to music enthusiasts and groups whom love itchy choruses. Additionally, other music critics post Dagny as a symbol of pop-rock that can never leave your music library - directed by Malia James.

Dagny: Øystein Norvoll and Marit Sandvik (Parents and Musicians)

Marit Sandvik (mother) worked to create the "Norvoll/Sandvik Duo" together with her husband guitarist Øystein Norvoll in 1997. According to 'Wikipedia,' she was also a part of a vocal quartet. Norvoll (father) made time to perform with Marit as jazz performers, debuting at the "Moldejazz 2003."



Bio. Information: Quick Fix

Birth name: Dagny Norvoll Sandvik
Born: 23 July 1990 (age 27)
Hometown: Tromsø, Norway
Genre: Pop
Instruments: Vocal
Years active: 2009–present

Cite: Dagney (singer). 'Wikipedia'

Dagny - "Backbeat" (Official Video) (Courtesy of 'DagnyVEVO')

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Dagny Debuts Single, "Backbeat" - she is the daughter of two Norwegian Music Artists Marit Sandvik and the jazz musician Øystein Norvoll. How that this affect h

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    • ManIntheMiddleqg profile image

      ManIntheMiddle 5 months ago from United States of America

      You are welcome to view these guys. Frankly, I think their efforts are blessings. We just need to understand how to relate and relax. That is why MITMQG is focused on Interviews, music, and more. I will bring additional content, as we go along, during 2017 - 2018.

    • CELEBSFAN78 profile image

      Ara Vahanian 5 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      This is some decent pop music. I have never heard of this artist before until today. I am in favor of music from Norway and Norwegian musical artists as they are VERY talented. Thank you for writing about this artist and broadening my musical tastes!