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Daily Entertainment Headlines For Friday 5/2/14

Updated on May 2, 2014

Matt Smith Coming To Terminator?

Actor Matt Smith who mostly everybody who doesn't live under a rock would know him as The Doctor from Doctor Who has been cast in the most recent Terminator film Terminator:Genenis.It has been said since casting for this film is basically coming out of the woodwork like crazy with Jason Clarke,Emilia Clarke and of course Arnold coming back because its not Terminator without Arnold.But the word coming out is that Smith is going to have a closely tied role to John Connor in the film and they are saying that it is a "Strong Connection" as the studios words so the good doctor could have a very big and large role in the new film coming the next couple of years.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Opens

The new Amazing Spider Man film Amazing Spider Man 2 opened last night in some theaters as early as 7:00 at night.From what people are stating the late Thursday night earnings were listed as 8.7 Million which is an upgrade compared to the first Amazing Spider Man but to other films like Captain America:The Winter Soldier that made slightly more during midnight and late Thursday showings.But for people who have seen it I honestly didn't mind it and thought that it was a good overall movie but from what I am hearing from people like the critics who get paid to rate the film it has been pegged as "The WORST rated Spider Man film of all time" which surprises me and if you have yet to see it I don't want that to stray you away because its not that bad at all.With Jamie Foxx as Electro and when Garfield is in the suit flying around it is actually a stunning movie and I am happy to see what they have to show next.

2016 Sights Return For Beverly Hills Cop

It looks like Paramount Pictures has finally decided that 2016 is the year that Axel Foley will return to the big screen and yes it will still be Eddie Murphy as the main character in the film.It is also added that Brett Ratner will be attached to direct this film as he previously was before and they are shooting for a March 25th, 2016 release date for the film.Ratner says the film is a reinvention in a sense and that he is going back to his Detroit roots and it will be a "Tougher" Detroit so we will have to see what goes on and hope for goofy crime and jokes in this round for the film and group.

Star Wars Day Is Coming Closer…

May the 4th is coming this Sunday and every day that goes by comes a new picture for Star Wars Day mostly hoping and saying that whatever comes that day could be GIANT and HUGE to everyone that loves the franchise and what is coming from it for the 7th Episode.There has been a lot of speculation of what it could be now that the cast is out or at least 87% is out but most of the hardcore fan base is thinking it could either be a title with it saying Star Wars:Episode 7 (Insert Title Here) and maybe adding a name or two to the cast and people are crossing there fingers for recent Academy Award darling Lupita Nyongo to play any role in the film and carry her dramatic persona into the galaxy far far away.

Warcraft Film Set To Finish Shooting In Three Weeks

The MUCH anticipated Warcraft film that is based on the World Of Warcraft video game that is so popular is at the home stretch to being finished and having Director Duncan Jones posting pictures of him in the seat behind the screens is getting fans of the game all crazy and constantly waiting for for a trailer or when some visuals will come for the film even if it has a 2016 release date.There may be a slight possibility of something at San Diego Comic Con for the fans as everything might get something but then again it might be later on in the year as well so patience is a virtue Warcraft fans!! Your footage is coming!!

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer

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Beverly Hills Cop Trailer


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