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Daily Poll

Updated on August 12, 2014

Stay out of Ukraine, Middle East?


Right now America is involved in the international conflict with the Middle East and also with Ukraine. Many Americans are concerned that the United States of America is getting too involved in these international conflicts to the detriment of the American economy.

Now I do agree with the fact that such international wars and conflicts are expensive. They definitely put Americans at risk as far as national security and terrorist threats. Such direct involvement in international warfare also drains the country's financial resources. Perhaps America will not be able to invest as much in medical care and education. Perhaps our country will be left vulnerable to international threats. However, despite all of these negative side effects, I still believe that America has the moral responsibility to help countries in need.

Stay out of Ukraine, Middle East?

The question is whether or not there should be some limit. Should there be some point beyond which America would not cross? Should there be some boundary that we cannot overstep? I am not sure. In my opinion, America should do what it can to help out. After all, I know that if I was the one living in Ukraine or the Middle East, then I would likely want assistance. However, America should not go to extremes and should not harm regular civilians who happen to be in the way.

The U.S. should try to achieve some balance and try to find more efficient ways to handle international conflict. In this case America seems to be busy trying to fix everyone else except itself.

What does your weekend typically consist of?


What does your weekend typically consist of? My weekend consists of a wide variety of events. Being that I have an odd schedule, one of my free days is an actual weekend and the other day is a regular business day.

On the weekend day off, I spend time with my family, go to real estate open houses, and explore the city. Chores, house cleaning, and shopping are always on the menu. Sometimes I invest time in personal grooming, working out, research, and investing.

I also happen to be an addict of any crime shows like CSI Miami and Law and Order. Often, I spend all day binging on these shows. I know its crazy.

Some weekends I go on vacation and go out to parties. Sometimes I have to go to the doctor and pay my bills. From time to time I do gigs outside of work for additional income or visit friends' homes.

Did I mention I read anything entertaining (mainly news, celebrity gossip, and self help information)? I also enjoy writing this blog.

If someone asks you for spare change what do you do?


If someone asks you for spare change what do you do? Me personally, I run in the opposite direction as fast as possible. Now many people might think that this behavior makes me a bad person. Oh well, let them think! I personally don't give a damn!

Why do I do this you might ask? Well, first of all it is because I am concerned for my own personal safety. Usually the people begging for change are not just out to get your change, they are out to get you and your wallet possibly. Also, I feel that I work very hard for my change and so should everyone else. If they are able to beg for change, than they are able to earn it.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      during poll day, it is best to stay our of the town and government places