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Dallas the new television show

Updated on January 23, 2014

The Original Series

JR, Sue Ellen, Bobby, Pam, Cliff, Miss Ellie, and Jock. I am not talking about Dallas, TX, although this was the location of the show, I am talking about Dallas the television show. This was a show that started in 1978 and ran for 13 seasons as the second longest television show next to Gunsmoke (our generation is too young to remember Gunsmoke, I looked it up). Back in 1978, I as a teen at the time, watching cliffhangers such as “Who shot JR?” Bobby dying in Pam’s arms, only for it to be just a dream. (Was he in the shower the whole 8th season?) I liked the tale of the two Miss Ellies (first is was Barbara Del Geddes, then Donna Reed, and then Barbara again). When were they going to get it right? Jock died during season one (Actor Jim Davis died for real). The lying, the scheming, the backbiting, wheels and deals, the Who’s your daddies, and all because of JR Ewing. (Oh, the devil would be so proud of him.) All that drama in one family. I started with them, I graduated one year after JR was shot, and it was the shot that was heard around the world as millions of people wanted to know who did it. It all ended finally in 1991, with JR wishing that he was never born, Cliff Barnes (JR’s enemy, Bobby’s brother in law, and Pam’s brother) taking over Ewing Oil, Miss Ellie and Clayton Furlow moving to Europe. Sue Ellen and John Ross III (more on him later) moved to London, and Bobby and Christopher was mourning the loss of his second (or was it his third) wife to a crazy lunatic (played by Susan Lucci), and was heir of Miss Ellie’s will should something happened to her. Apparently, she did not trust JR at all. (Sad when your parents do not trust you to carry out the wishes of their last will.) Pam, Bobby’s first wife and Christopher’s mom was presumed dead by season 10 or 11. Was this the end of Dallas? Think again.

After The series ended

Years later, fans of the acclaim show were treated to three more movies (a prequel and two to wrap things up). In the fall of 2010, TNT announced that Dallas was going to be reborn. I sat there reading the article on my computer and said, “Ok, I will bite” (my sarcasm remark for things I do not believe will happen). Well, the waiting is over, and a new Dallas series has dawned on us once again, but was it going to be the same as before. Only three of the original cast members returned for the new series; Larry Hagman (JR), Linda Grey (Sue Ellen), and Patrick Duffy (Bobby). The rest either have died or have moved on. I had heard that Victoria Principle (Pam) was asked, but I guess it was a no. I watch the 2-hour premiere on the new show, and although I do not want to give it all away, I must say that it lives up to original series. I may not watch it every Wednesday, because I am committed to So You Think You Can Dance, (sorry, first come, first served, lol) this is something I do not mind setting my DVR to record (I already have it set on SYTYCD, so I’m good).

The New Series

The story line is pretty simple for Dallas standards. When we catch up with The Ewings, it is 25 years later. Sue Ellen (I think) has been asked to run for Governor, or at least that question had popped up at the Oil Barrier’s Ball. (Why must they have this boring event every year?) JR pretends to be in a catatonic state. (Yeah, right, and I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing.) Bobby is married to wifey #3 (or is it 4, I can’t keep up), played by Brenda Strong (of Desperate Housewives fame). As I said before, Pam is nowhere in the picture and presumed dead. (If the series last long enough maybe she will do a ghostly appearance or turn up in Bobby’s dream as if the last 25 years did not happen). Christopher and John Ross are now grown men, and fighting the same way that Bobby and JR use to (Uh-um still do) fight. The first two episodes allowed a viewer, who watched the original to catch up, while introducing new viewers to some semi-new faces. John Ross Ewing III (played by Josh Henderson) is just like JR. He is for the traditional way of getting energy, Oil. He wants to drill for it on Southfork, which is disapproved by his Uncle Bobby. Bobby wants to honor Miss Ellie’s request in her will that Southfork will never be drill on. John Ross’s rival is none other than his cousin, Christopher Ewing (played by Jesse Metcalfe), who is the adopted son of Bobby and Pam. He believes in the new energy, alternative energy methane clathrate, and believe in a cleaner environment. He is also on the side of his father as far as Southfork is concern. Christopher also gets married towards the end of the first episode to Rebecca Sutter (played by Julie Gonzalo), who feels like an outsider, just like Pam did in the original series. John Ross’s love is Elena Ramos (played by Jordana Brewster), who grew up around the Ewings, since her mother is the cook, and unknown to Rebecca, Christopher’s former fiancee.

Just as before, and with any soap opera, you have to watch the very beginning or you will get lost in the shuffle. (Sort of how I feel after missing a couple of episodes of Young and the Restless). It is a must see. Humm, now there’s a thought, JR being a rival of Victor Newman, Nicholas Newman against John Ross….Nah, it would not work.


Of course like any other other program, Dallas has undergo a cast member change. Back in November 2012, Dallas experienced the lost of Larry Hagman, who played the man all of Dallas love to hate, JR Ewing. It reminds me of another cast member that the original Dallas lost during its run, Jim Davis, who played the patriarch, Jock Ewing. So like the original program, this Dallas decided to give JR the proper send off. I am eagerly waiting to see how they play this one out, and my prayers and thoughts still go out to the Larry Hagman family to this day.


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    • plogan721 profile image

      Patricia Logan 5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio


      I would have to agree with you. You forget to throw in secrets. I do not believe that Ann, Bobby new wife, is clean as the driven snow either, LOL. After all, the actress did come from another secret driven show, Desperate Housewives. Yes, there is something I do not like about Ann. Also the only people I heard talking about the new Dallas is my parents who were huge Dallas fans. It would have been nice if CBS picked up the show. I guess they are not into that sort of thing anymore.

    • Wayne Brown profile image

      Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas

      I watched the new series and became rather bored with it by the second episode. It's a new twist on the same old theme of family in-fighting driven by the damages of bad parenting and greed. I am not sure those of us who witnessed the original series will be captured by this round. Good review...lots of fun. WB