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Dance India Dance Season 3 (2012)

Updated on April 11, 2012

Dance India Dance Overview

Dance India Dance is a reality dance show on Zee Tv. Zee Tv is the Indian satellite Tv channel in Hindi language. It is the most famous reality dance show on Indian Television. Dance India Dance recently set Guinness World Record with the largest Bollywood dance ever performed. Geeta Kapoor, Remo D'Souza, Terrence Lewis are the three masters and choreographers of this show. Indian movie actor Mithun Chakraborty holds the position of Grand Master. Saumya Tandon and Jay Bhanushali are the anchors of this show.

The contestants of this show gets chosen from all over India through auditions. After short listing 13 contestants, they get training from the Masters of this show. Masters select the members of their own team. Thus contestants get divided into three teams. During the period of this reality show, masters teach different dance styles to their team members. They also choreograph dance for their team members each week. Then their team members perform dance on the stage. Masters and Grand Master comment on their performance and then public decide their favorite contestants by giving them votes. They can give them votes by giving a miss call to the special number or by logging into the official website of DID3. Each week, the content with lowest votes leaves the show. Finally, 5 contestants out of 13 reach into the final. The winner of this show gets decided into the final episode of the show by public voting. In this season 3, the public voting is free for the first time on Indian television.

Dance India Dance Masters (Choreographers)
Dance India Dance Masters (Choreographers)

Dance India Dance Season 3 Videos

You can watch videos and episodes of this show on it's official YouTube channel. This show also has it's official website, where you can watch DID 3's all episodes online. It's pleasure to watch the videos of this show. Before this show, I considered dance as only the medium to express joy, but now I know, dance can also have different shades and meanings. After watching this show, I respect the art of dancers and their efforts. In the video below, you can watch two contestants from the show, Mohena and Sanam are performing contemporary dance style on the stage. In this show, you can watch all the different dance styles. Each week, they decide a different theme or dance style to perform. Each contestant have to go through all the dance styles.

One of the Performances from the Contestants of DID 3

Dance India Dance Season 3 Crocroach

One of the contestants from this season is very famous for his slow motion dance. His real name is Raghav, but he is known by his nickname Crocroach. Masters and Grand Master likes his slow motion dance. Public also loves to watch his slow motion dance style. Below, you can watch his video at the time of audition. If you like dance style of Chrocroach, you can watch his more videos on YouTube. He is very confident and talented. His jocks make people laugh. His complete profile is available on official website of Dance India Dance.

Dance India Dance Mobile Application

Dace India Dance Tv show recently launched it's mobile application. You can download it to your smart phone for free. By using this application, people can vote to their favorite contestant. This application is also useful for watching Dance India Dance videos, getting competition charts and tips. If you use Android phone, search for "Dance India Dance" in the Android Market and then install it on your phone.

Dance India Dance Season 3 Auditions

Dance India Dance auditions is the most fun and energetic part of the show. The auditions take place at the major metropolitan cities of India. Interested youth all around India come to the auditions. Master Geeta, Terrence, and Remo take the auditions of these young participants. Some people who come to participate in this show behave and dance which we can't consider as a normal and this make everyone laugh. Those funny moments in DID auditions bring this show more close to the audience. You can find the Dance India Dance Season three auditions on YouTube and you can also watch them on their official website. You just have to browse through first few episodes of Dance India Dance. You will enjoy DID 3 audition moments.

In this show, Masters appreciate and give suggestions to the contestants on their performance. They all are down to earth and they love all the contestants. They take care of their team members. The funny moments between Grand Master Mithun da and Anchor Jay make people laugh. Masters, Saumya and contestants also support Grand Master when he makes Jay fool. Overall, this show gives you great pleasure of art of dance, experience of good humanity and smile on your face.


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