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Dance Studio Oakville - Burlington Dance Studio - Hamilton GTA

Updated on July 4, 2012

Dance Lessons and Tips from Oakville Dance Studio - Burlington Dance Studio

Ballet Lessons lay the foundation of dance
Ballet Lessons lay the foundation of dance

Dance Studio Burlington - Dance Program benefits

A Burlington Ontario Canada Dance Studio has helped us provide free dance lessons and tips for both recreational and competitive dancers. Dance lessons can include ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap dance, modern dance and even Highland dance and musical theatre. Whether you are considering to take dance lessons or drama classes, there are many benefits to enrolling in a local dance school.

Improving your dance skills is but a small piece of the pie. Comraderie, discipline, goal setting, working toward goals, building of lasting friendships, great exercise and development of self confidence and coordination. All that is packaged into both recreational and competitive dance lessons.

Once you increase your skills in a recreational dance program, you may consider moving up to a competitive dance class where you and your dance group of similar age travel both locally and internationally to perform at dance competitions. This lays the foundation for consistency and performing in front of other people. Indirectly this also conquers the fear of the stage and even public speaking. There is no greater way to increase fitness level, confidence and growing as a person than to join a local dance school. It can give you purpose and definitely will provide you with life long skills in the performing arts and beyond.

For more information for local dance classes in Burlington Oakville Ontario Canada, visit Premiere Dance Studio Burlington

Dance Studio Burlington Ontario Canada

Premiere Dance studio teaches all of the favourite styles including ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap and acro along with lyrical and modern dance styles. A new kid on the block is Creative Edge Dance Studio also located in Burlington with several studio rooms to hold multiple classes at the same time.

Find a dance studio in your area and learn dance on a recreational level or get into a competitive dance program. For those that want to learn hip hop dance online, there are also great courses available on the internet.

Ballet engenders poise and self-confidence and is the foundation of modern dance

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