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Dance For Exercise

Updated on October 18, 2018


Dancing can be limitless, there are so many different types of dance which is why it can be limitless. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, ballroom dancing the list is limitlessly long. Exercise is a part of dancing which makes dance limitless. It can be a limitless type of exercise as well because there are so many different types of arm and leg movements that can be classified as dancing as well as stretching if you think about it.

When we do limitless types of dancing it can help with exercise although most people will dance for fun more than anything else they probably don't even realize that they are exercising too because it doesn't feel like exercise it is just fun for them.

What is dance and where did it come from? Well nobody can claim that they originated dance because it has been around since the stone ages. But what is it? Dance is a series of movements that match the speed and movement of a piece of music. Everyone dances, even if they say that they don’t, everyone has danced at least once in their lifetime. Dance can mean different things to everyone. For some people, dancing can be limitless but for others, it might not be. Although it is great exercise, and that is why most people take dance or at least that is what I think.

Dance is different for everyone, and that is what makes it limitless. Since every person feels different when they dance. Some people dance just to blow off steam, and then there are people, that take a dance class to become a ballerina or even just for some extra exercise. For example, if you are going to become a ballerina there are many different things that you have to do when you dance. When you want to become a ballerina professionally, you have to always eat healthily and exercise, which means practice all the time. That is if you want to dance professionally in a company. If you want to do that you begin dancing at a very young age and continue throughout your entire life. When you are in a dance company most of the time, you will have to eat very healthy and meals might be dictated to you, but sometimes they won’t be. Just remember to exercise and eat healthily. Sure everyone is bound to miss a dance workout, once in a while but if you want to do dance professionally you, have to go to a specific school for that. A friend of mine has been dancing her entire life and now works on a cruise ship dancing. That is something that she has always wanted to do and now she is doing it.

When you think of dance, what is the first thing you think of? Do you think of going out to a club or to a wedding the dancing that you would be doing is different than when you would be doing ballet tap and jazz? A club or wedding is more hip-hop dancing and slow dance. If you are taking a dance class, you have to wear certain uniforms, like leggings or a body suit depending on the dance company you are with or your class. It also depends on the type of dance that you are doing. Because all dancing is different that means that the outfits for each dance that you do are going to be different. For example, when I took dance when I was younger I wore what you would call a leotard with tights, and then when I took dance again when I was older I wore tight-fitting jogging pants and a loose shirt, and leggings and a loose fitting shirt. Although if you dance professionally your outfits are always tight because the tighter the outfit the better you can watch your movements to see if you are doing a certain move right.

Dance for exercise

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Dance Can Bring About A Limitless Amount Of Exercise

Dancing is great exercise, and it is fun. Some people might not like exercising because they think that it is too much work but try dancing and see what happens. You get a great cardio workout when you dance and it doesn't feel like exercise. Dance is also fun and doesn't feel like exercise because you are moving all the time and who doesn't like that?

Dance can make people feel limitlessly free, and as if they can fly. Dance is limitless in the aspect of just letting yourself, go and relax while doing it. However that depends on what type of dance you are doing, sometimes if you are ballerina dancing might not be relaxing but it can be limitless if you are just dancing with friends at a party that is where it can feel limitless.

Dance can show limitlessness because there are a lot of different moves that can be done in a dance combination. Some might say that there are limitless dance moves that can be done in any combination, which means there is limitless exercise happening when dancing because of the limitless movement you do with your arms and your legs.

Dancing for exercise can feel limitlessly like you are walking on air or your flying because of the speed you are using while you dance. With the spins and the jumps that you are doing in the dance combinations, you are doing. Dancing for exercise is a limitless amount of cardio depending on how long you are dancing for. So if you enjoy cardio but don't know what to do for a cardio workout why not try dancing it is fun and you don't even feel like you are exercising because of how fast and fun dance is.

Dance can show limitless freedom with, the type of dance that you are using, it can seem as though everything is going all right in the world with the perfect execution of the dance moves that you are using. Each Dance tells a story and the moves are a limitless explanation or at least that is what I refer to dancing as. Especially when you are dancing to get some exercise it can be extremely limitless in the feeling sense.

Since dance is all about emotion and feeling it can be limitless especially with all the movement that it has involved in it.

Music and Exercise improve your workout
Music and Exercise improve your workout

Dance is Cardio

Dancing for exercise can be limitless. because dancing is exercise just in a different form and since it is a different form of exercise is a lot of limitless fun. Dancing is a form of cardio, it can be fast or slow and who doesn't like cardio whether it be fast or slow.

If you dance what do you like most about it?

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